Self-employment offers alternatives and opportunities

In the future, more and more people will be working alongside and outside permanent and full- or part-time employment relationships, as self-employed persons. Self-employed persons may earn their income from various different sources, either simultaneously or alternately, or work part-time as an entrepreneur whilst in paid employment.


Conventional paid employment and entrepreneurship are no longer the only options for employment. The options for work are changing and diversifying, and new opportunities for self-employment are opening up. Work may, for example, consist of a number of short-term employment opportunities taken up through the use of the digital employment service platforms offered by service providers and their billing services.

They themselves will be responsible for acquiring customers, the work they do, the prices they charge, the terms and conditions of employment, insurance and contracts. Earnings will be generally derived from more than one source, some the result of an employment relationship and some coming from entrepreneurial activity.

From the perspective of unemployment security, the work will be done either by a salary earner or an entrepreneur.