Regional content and regional page

In Job Market Finland, it is possible to compile regional pages with topical content, services, jobs, and theme pages. The regional pages can be viewed by region or municipality. For the user, regional pages are an easy way to find vacancies in their own area as well as services related to working life and topical issues.

The vacancies and services available in the area are automatically collected on the regional page based on tags. Regional actors may also produce other content on the website. ELY Centres coordinate cooperation in their own area and agree on this with Job Market's online editorial team.

Topical content

The topical content on the regional website may be topical and event news, blog posts or videos from regional business operators. The content has to be related to business and employment and match the information needs of Job Market users. The topical content may not include commercial marketing by organisations.

Regional operators are responsible for ensuring that each piece of content is in a format that is fit for publication. The designated administrators of the region are responsible for publishing the content. The Job Market's online editorial staff is responsible for monitoring the content, evaluating it and, if necessary, requesting changes.

Service descriptions

The regional pages show the services described in the Finnish Service Catalogue.

A good service description is concise and explains the key aspects of the service: what the service offers to the customer, what conditions it has, and what to do. Since service descriptions are produced by many different organisations, using neutral and clear language helps the reader. Service descriptions are not marketing communications; their primary objective is to help the reader recognise and select the services that are suitable for them.

Theme pages

The theme pages can be used to highlight important themes in the region such as sectoral entities, special employment or education projects and service entities of cooperation networks. The scope of the theme pages and the functionalities required for it are planned together with Job Market's online editorial staff.

The theme pages follow Job Market’s general solutions and use Job Market’s content elements. Regional actors are responsible for the content of the theme pages.

The theme pages are not yet in use, but they are being developed.


Content providers can include images on the regional page and theme pages. In this case, the regional actors are responsible for the rights to use the images.

  • The main image size of the regional page is 1600x500 pixels.
  • Images for current content are at least 1200 pixels wide.
  • All images are horizontal, file formats are .jpeg, .jpg

Translations and language versions

The national content of Job Market Finland is in Finnish, Swedish and English. Regional actors decide in which languages the contents of the region are published and are responsible for translations.