Terms of Use

On these pages a collaborative partner can deliver an application to join to the service platform (Job Market Finland) developed by the KEHA-Centre (Administrator). The goal of the Job Market Finland is to bring together job applicants and employers and to improve the possibilities of job applicants to find services offered by the public sector, private collaborative partners, and the third sector. Use of the service is free of charge to all parties and it is open to all collaborative partners that produce services that meet the requirements contained in these conditions for use.  

The development of the service continues, and not all of the functionalities or characteristics described in these conditions for use are available at this time. The Administrator provides information regularly about the further development of the service and about new functionalities. 

A requirement for the processing of an application to join is that the collaborative partner has read and accepts all shared conditions for use described below. The conditions for use for operating on a service platform maintained by a public official is defined in the instructions. The primary purpose of the platform is to promote the job applicants’ employment and education possibilities. Separate documentation drafted by the Administrator describes the technical functionalities and operating principles of the Job Market Finland.

Strong identification is used for joining the service, which requires that collaborative partners log on with a Suomi.fi identification and logging on requires personal user codes. After identification the collaborative partner must accept these conditions for use and add the information required for the processing of the application to join, after which the application can be approved by the Administrator. In the application to join, the collaborative partner states information such as the service area or areas that relate to the activities of the collaborative partner. The collaborative partner can update information as a user signed in on the “My information” page of Job Market Finland. All users who are part of the personnel of the collaborative partner must confirm that they accept the conditions for use when logging on to the service for the first time as a representative of the collaborative partner. To serve as a representative of a collaborative partner person must have the authority to sign, or authorisation to act in the Job Market collaborative partner network in the suomi.fi authorisation service. 

Efforts have been made to automatize approval of applications to join by the Administrator, but the Administrator has the right to use ex-post control to ask a collaborative partner who has submitted an application to join to give more details about submitted information if the Administrator has reason to suspect the reliability of the information, or if the activities of the collaborative partner has been targeted by action from other officials which can prevent them from operating on the Job Market Finland. 

As the functionalities of the service develop, the possibilities for using certain functions of the platform can also require the definition and construction of technical interfaces. The processing of personal data of registered natural persons (“customer”) using the service also requires the signing of a separate agreement drafted by the Administrator for the handling of personal data and the following of the conditions defined therein.  

The Job Market Finland gives collaborative partners a way to actively report on their own service to other Job Market Finland parties, including officials, job applicants, employers, and other private players. Through Job Market Finland applicants will also be able to declare their interest and to give their consent to the processing of their own personal data in order to make it available to collaborative partners operating in different service areas. The aim of the Job Market Finland collaborative partner network is to make it easier to find and access the services with the help of a single shared platform. Individual Job Market Finland customers independently determine the purposes to which their own personal data may be used and the access that collaborative partners may have or the data that they are allowed to handle. 

In the autumn of 2016, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the KEHA-keskus launched TE-digi, a project to upgrade employment and economic development services.  The short-term goal set for the project was to get smoother pre-emptive customer guidance that would prevent the prolongation of unemployment, as well as web services that are easy to use, and that support personal initiative among job seekers.  

Job Market Finland is being developed as a shared platform of public and private players through which job applicants and employers can access services of the public, private, and third sector. The Job Market Finland as a whole is constantly being developed, making extensive use of the principles of shared development. Preparations for the Job Market Finland were made in collaboration with the Administrator and private collaborative partners. 

The goal of the Job Market Finland is the enactment of business and industry services for the future by bringing together the right services for the right customers at the right time and through the right actor.  A key goal is to encourage the meeting of the supply and demand of skills and knowledge on the job market. Another goal of Job Market Finland is to offer both individual and corporate customers targeted information linked with the job market. 

The Job Market Finland offers comprehensive services for job placement, employment, finding labour, and the development of skills and knowledge in the work force. The services are offered to the customers as a clear service set that is relevant to the customer's situation. 

Job Market Finland makes it possible to reach different actors in trade and industry through the service. For collaborative partners this makes it possible to offer an extensive range of targeted services. The service also makes it possible to find new business opportunities and to acquire the information needed for getting knowledge for the development of services. 

Job Market Finland is constantly being developed with the help of customer feedback and customer analytics, with its vision and mission as its basis: it responds flexibly to changing needs of customers, the labour market, and legislation.  

The collaborative partners and the Administrator are both committed to adhere to the content of these conditions for use when operating on the Job Market Finland. The conditions for use can be updated by the Administrator and changes will be reported to the collaborative partners who approve the changes as they continue to use the service. Changes to the conditions for use will take effect according to the schedule given by the Administrator. 

The purpose of the conditions for use is to guide the collaborative partners and to involve them in operating on Job Market Finland in accordance with the terms set by the Administrator and with Finnish legislation and requirements issued by the authorities. The parties to the service are committed to operate on the Job Market Finland in an ethical manner, in accordance with good conduct and applicable legislation

Joining the service, operating on the Job Market Finland,  and leaving the service are voluntary for the collaborative partners. It is the right and duty of the Administrator to ensure that collaborative partners who join Job Market Finland and give information on their services there meet the obligations set by Finnish legislation and Finnish authorities while operating on the platform, through which a collaborative partner can be found by a user of the service.  

Oversight conducted by the Administrator with respect to joining Job Market Finland is based on ex-post control and the accuracy of the information given by the collaborative partner is confirmed primarily through strong identification, accepting these conditions for use, and random inspections occasionally carried out by the Administrator, in which information contained in the public registers of other officials or other collaboration among officials may also be used. The Administrator may be in touch with a collaborative partner for purposes such as checking the information given in the application to join, or to rectify uncertainties that have been noticed. If a collaborative partner is asked to supply separate documentation on the partner's activities, the Administrator agrees to review the prerequisites for joining and operating on the Job Market Finland without unnecessary delay after the collaborative partner has provided the documents and papers requested by the Administrator. 

Collaborative partners joining and operating on the platform are expected to conduct their own business activities in accordance with Finnish law and binding orders given by officials. If shortcomings are found in the activities of a collaborative partner in connection with ex-post control, or if the Administrator learns that the activities of a collaborative partner have been targeted by action taken by the authorities, or by other similar measures stemming from violations of the kind mentioned above, the Administrator has the right to oblige the collaborative partner to provide a clarification on the matter.  

If no clarification is provided or if an authority with jurisdiction conforms that the collaborative partner has acted in contravention of Finnish legislation or obligations set by authorities, the Administrator shall have the right and the duty to restrict the activities of the collaborative partner in Työmarkkinatori, if necessary, until the activity that is unlawful or in contravention with measures taken by the authorities has been properly rectified. 

Collaborative partners are responsible for ensuring that the content of all information they have given to the Job Market or through interfaces is appropriate. Collaborative partners are obligated to keep any information they have brought up to date. Collaborative partners must, in all of their activities and in the content of all information published on Job Market, consider the more detailed instructions and requirements for the content of the service. All content published directly on Job Market  (e.g. Service description) by collaborative partners must be in Finnish or Swedish and the information must be in an accessible form in accordance with instructions from the Administrator.  

If deficiencies or actions that violate the instructions are found in content published on Job Market, the Administrator has the right to modify the content to correspond with requirements of form and content without altering the factual content of the publication. The Administrator also has the right to remove faulty content and to inform the collaborative partner about a correction, after which the collaborative partner can rectify the content in accordance with the instructions given and republish it. 

The collaborative partner is responsible for ensuring that content placed on the Job Market corresponds to Job Market 's requirements on content, which the Administrator has set for which instructions have been given regarding content that has been independently produced or brought into the service. The goal of the Administrator is to make it possible to make content on the collaborative partners’ own web pages partially available on Job Market  through interfaces, with whose help the users of the service can access the collaborative partners’ own websites for further information. The information content on the web pages of the collaborative partners may also be published in English, with the original informational content, unless the Administrator stipulates otherwise. 

If a collaborative partner produces content for Job Market at the specific request or mandate of the Administrator, the content must be in accordance with instructions given by the Administrator, for example with respect to the accessibility of the information, or other formal requirements. 

It is the aim of the Administrator that the operations of the collaborative partners should produce content into the service which supports and benefits the goals and vision of the Job Market. If the activities of a collaborative partner on Job Market, with respect to content for publication, for example, is in violation of these conditions for use, the Administrator may, in the first instance, remove the publications in question and inform the collaborative partner about the matter. If activities that violate the conditions for use continue, the Administration may temporarily restrict the activity of the collaborative partner and instruct the collaborative partner to rectify the activities.  

Collaborative partners are obliged to keep information received from Job Market up to date and to remove or correct information that has been removed, or if corrections were made to the information on the Job Market platform. 

Collaborative partners have the right to use communications materials drafted by the Job Market  Administrator for registered collaborative partners on their own websites or for other activities when giving out information on activities as part of Job Market. Collaborative partners commit to following communications guidelines supplied separately by the Administrator. Communications that violate the communications guidelines concerning collaboration or, for example, the use of logos or trademarks reserved for the use of the Job Market  Administrator, are not permitted. A collaborative partner does not have the right to continue using communications materials reserved for registered collaborative partners if the collaborative partner's activities on Job Market come to an end. 

A collaborative partner has the right to withdraw from the service at any time through a unilateral announcement. In such a situation the Administrator shall implement measures to remove material independently produced for the service by the collaborative partner from being accessible on the service unless a different procedure has been agreed upon.  

If the collaborative partner operates as a handler of personal information in accordance with these conditions for use and based on the agreement, the collaborative partner is obligated to immediately stop handling the personal information in accordance with the handling agreement for personal data and to remove all personal information received through Job Market Finland for which the collaborative partner is not able to supply a lawful basis for its storage and use. The collaborative partner has the right to continue processing any personal information to which the partner has become a keeper of the register and informed those who are registered in accordance with applicable legislation on personal data.  

With respect to users’ personal information in the possession of the collaborative partner, procedures concerning collaborative partners described in the privacy statement shall apply. 

The Administrator shall seek to arrange regular collaboration meetings and other opportunities for interaction with the collaborative partners related to the development of the service and for mutual feedback. The times, locations, and procures for holding collaboration meetings shall be announced on the Job Market or other channels announced by the Administrator.  

Participation in the collaboration is voluntary for the collaborative partners and the Administrator shall report on Job Market  about matters discussed at the meetings and on feedback that was received.  

The Administrator is responsible for the operations of the Job Market Finland in its official capacity and adheres to related obligations in all activities. Job Market Finland is developed primarily based on a vision and goals in accordance with targets and restrictions set by legislation that is in force at the time. 

The Administrator is responsible for obligations related to the upkeep of Job Market Finland and seeks to further develop the content and activities of the so that they would meet the goals set for the service as well as feedback and ideas coming from the users for further development. The visibility of the general principles and the content produced by the collaborative partners for the users is based on technical solutions which are the responsibility of the Administrator. The activities of Job Market Finland are based on the equal treatment, and creation of opportunities for all users, including collaborative partners. 

The Administrator has discretion to define the possibilities for using the service and the activities, and is not responsible for fixing errors found in the usability of the service, or for possible harm inflicted by them on the users of the service, unless the responsibility of the Administrator is based on its position as an authority or on binding legislation. The Administrator also has the right to temporarily restrict the use of the service for technical reasons affecting one or more collaborative partners.  

The Administrator is not responsible for errors in information given by users of the service, but the Administrator has the right and the obligation to remove or correct erroneous information and to take other necessary measures to fix them.   


As the development work of the Job Market Finland moves forward, the goal of the Administrator is to regularly draft reports on the use and effectiveness of the use of Job Market Finland, which are to be published on the service. The Administrator can also produce reports on the use of the service, which are to be made available for the use of the collaborative partner in question. The aim is to constantly update the content of the reporting as the service develops and collaborative partners will be informed of this.  

The Administrator is not required to produce reports during the development phase. 

In the development phase of Job Market Finland, collaborative partners are asked to actively exchange information with the Administrator in order to facilitate the following of the development work and the effectiveness of various functionalities of the service. Information is primarily requested through feedback questionnaires or other forms to be filled, which can also contain open questions. Answering the questionnaires and other requests for feedback is voluntary during the development phase of Job Market.  

If, at a later phase, the Administrator requires collaborative partners registered with the service to give reports or to engage in some other kind of exchange of information as a prerequisite for using the service, the partners will be informed of this explicitly, and no less than three (3) months before the change takes effect.   

A central aim of the Job Market Finland is to facilitate encounters between employees and employers, in which connection it is possible to process personal data. It is possible for the collaborative partner to join Job Market Finland without having the handling of personal data as part of the activity. As the keeper of the register of Job Market Finland, the Administrator is responsible for handling personal data reported in connection with the registration of collaborative partners into the service in the manner expressed in the privacy statement concerning collaborative partners.  

As the keeper of the register of Job Market Finland, the Administrator is responsible for handling personal data reported in connection with the registration of collaborative partners into the service in the manner expressed in the privacy statement concerning collaborative partners. The collaborative partner is responsible for ensuring that they have the right to get information, such as the content of job advertisements, published on Job Market Finland. 

If a collaborative partner collects or handles personal data acquired through Job Market Finland, the partner is independently responsible for the proper handling of the personal data, and for following data protection legislation that is in force at the time. 

Personal data contained in the service should always be handled in accordance with personal data legislation. 

If a collaborative partner wishes to participate in offering Job Market Finland services as a handler of personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation, the partner is obligated to approve and abide by the personal data handler's agreement before the Administrator can enable the handling of personal data. The collaborative partner must also follow more detailed instructions that may be given by the Administrator, who serves as keeper of the register of personal data on Job Market .  

The agreement for handling personal data is subsequently available from the Administrator if the handling of personal data is made possible for partners in collaboration for example, as part of services that promote employment. The functionality is not yet in use during the development phase of the service, and a separate announcement of its possible deployment and of more detailed requirements to be placed on collaborative partners will be made later. 

The use of personal data for any purposes other than what is stipulated in the handler agreement for personal data is absolutely forbidden. Collaborative partners are required take data security into account in their activities and to follow possible instructions from the Administrator concerning data security, and to take data security into consideration in other ways when handling personal data received through Job Market Finland.  

The Administrator shall primarily comply with the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999) in its actions. The Administrator may draft statistics and other similar information based on feedback and reports from other users for the use of  Job Market Finland for publication without explicit consent. 

A goal of the Administrator is to seek to use technical solutions also to produce individual reports concerning individual collaborative partners, for example, for the parties on the Job Market Finland or statistics on the effectiveness of Job Market Finland, or other similar matters. If the data  includes information defined by the collaborative partner as business secrets or professional secrets that the partner has added to, or brought to Työmarkkinatori via interfaces, the Administrator shall be required to keep items of information concerning the individual collaborative partners confidential, including reports on the individual collaborative partners.  

However, the Administrator may produce statistical reports compiled from reports on several collaborative partners, in which it is not possible to see, or to distinguish information on any individual collaborative partner. The statistical reports shall not contain methods, marketing practices, or other similar aspects that can be determined to be business or professional secrets of the collaborative partners, which have come to the attention of the Administrator through the use of the service or through collaboration meetings, which are not otherwise publicly available. 

Confidential information shall not be disclosed by the Administrator to third parties unless required by law or an order given by an authority. Information may nevertheless be used by the Administrator in the development of Job Market Finland or in possible other collaboration to be agreed separately with each collaborative partner in the manner agreed upon.  

When joining the service collaborative partners commit to following the conditions of use of the Job Market Finland. A collaborative partner can be removed from Job Market Finland if the conditions for use are not followed, if the collaborative partner does not fulfil the general suitability requirements for joining and participating in Job Market Finland activities, or if the collaborative partner is seen to have violated Finnish legislation or requirements set by the authorities. 

In the case of minor omissions or violations, the Administration will primarily seek to negotiate with the collaborative partner on rectifying the matter before the activities of the collaborating partner in Job Market Finland are blocked. Decisions by the Administrator can be appealed in accordance with these conditions for use. 

If a collaborative partner is removed from Job Market Finland, the collaborative partner is required to immediately stop handling personal information in accordance with the agreement on handling personal data and to remove any personal data received through Job Market Finland, to which the collaborative partner does not have a legal right of storage or use. 

Decisions made by the Administrator which affect the collaborative partner can be appealed as stipulated in the Administrative Procedure Act 434/2003. 

The Administrator can make the following decisions which affect the collaborative partner. 

  1. Rejecting a membership application - the reasons shall be sent to the collaborative partner. 
  1. Actions that violate the Job Market Finland conditions for use, which lead to temporary restrictions using the platform. 
  1. A significant violation of Job Market Finland conditions for use, leading to the temporary removal the platform. 
  1. Significant and continuous violations of the conditions of use, leading to the permanent removal from Job Market Finland. If a collaborative partner is permanently removed from Työmarkkinatori, they partner shall have the possibility to reapply for membership by submitting a new membership application within six (6) months of the decision. 

A decision pursuant to item 2. can be implemented with immediate effect if this is necessary for the securing of public trust in Job Market Finland, based on clear malfeasance, publication activities that violate the law, or for the protection of the personal data of Työmarkkinatori users. In such a situation the Administrator shall immediately contact the collaborative partner in order to rectify the situation and clear up the matter.  

An appeal can be submitted to the Administrator either electronically or by post. 

Electronic appeals: kirjaamo.keha(at)ely-keskus.fi

Appeals delivered by post: 

ELY-keskusten sekä TE-toimistojen kehittämis- ja hallintokeskus

PL 1000, 50101 Mikkeli

The Administrator shall handle the appeals expeditiously and deliver the decision to the collaborative partner in question.  

If the collaborative partner rectifies the improper procedure within the appeal period, the partner's rights to operate on the Job Market Finland can be restored before the matter is decided.  

When operating on Job Market Finland, Finnish law and binding instructions by Finnish authorities shall apply.