Network partnership at Job Market Finland

The goal of Job Market Finland is to provide future employment services by bringing together the right services for the right customers at the right time and through the right actor. In other words, users will find services suited to their situation irrespective of who offers them. The key objective is to promote the matching of supply and demand of competence in Job Market Finland.

Why is it worth becoming a network partner of Job Market Finland? 

  • You will join a unique network of partners in the world of work that brings together actors in the field of employment in the public, private and third sector. 
  • After joining as a partner, you will be able to introduce your services related to the world of work and competence development in Job Market Finland for the users to find. 
  • Your services will gain visibility and you will reach the right target group through Job Market Finland. The services will be visible to users in connection with the information content, and, in the future, in the service recommendations tailored for the users.  
  • Later on, Job Market Finland will provide access to statistical information and other data related to the world of work, which can be used to develop new services. 
  • You can become a network partner and submit your services free of charge. 

What does being a network partner mean in practice?

  • After joining the network of partners, you can introduce your services related to the world of work and competence development in Job Market Finland. The customer will find them in connection with the information content and the tailored service proposals. 
  • You can direct your customers to make use of Job Market Finland.  
  • You can give feedback and participate in co-development.

Who can become network partners?

Job Market Finland welcomes all actors that offer and develop services related to the world of work, entrepreneurship, and competence development.

You will benefit from the cooperation if you offer, for instance:

  • Recruitment and employment services 
  • Coaching and training services that individuals or work communities can use to increase their competence, and thus improve their chances to find employment, their value in the labour market, or their company’s competitiveness 
  • Other services related to the world of work 

Job Market Finland is seeking to develop a network of collaborative partner organisations from the private, public, and third sectors. These partners are united by a desire to produce services and informational content related to the world of work, entrepreneurship, and competence development that are easy for customers to find and use. 

Development of Job Market Finland 

We are developing Job Market Finland together: you are welcome to contribute to the development of our services and the partners’ network. The joint development will not oblige you in any way, but you will have a chance to influence the shape of our partnership network. 

Job Market Finland is a part of the TE Digi project of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, and it is developed and maintained by means of public funds. The objective is to provide all interested parties with a comprehensive, clear, and easy service. Job Market Finland is a shared open platform offered by the public sector, and it presents public, private and third sector services on an equal footing.