Assessment of service needs

Each job seeker is subjected to an individual service need assessment, which primarily charts the job seeker's capacity to find employment in the open labour market.

Your service needs are assessed regularly in the initial interview, job search discussions and supplementary job search discussions as well as in connection with the updating of your employment plan.

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If you are a Finnish citizen, the assessment is carried out in the E-services. In other cases, the assessment is carried out at the TE Office.

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The assessment examines what services you need, what types of possible employment options you have based on your competence, and what kind of suitable vacancies are available to you. 

The assessment takes into account

  • your competence and professional skills and your own goals for developing them,
  • your ability to work and function that affects your job search and finding employment,
  • your job search skills,
  • the likelihood of becoming unemployed and prolonged unemployment, and
  • other factors affecting your employment.

In addition to these things, the assessment will consider, for example, your competence accumulated in leisure activities as well as your own wishes and goals.

The assessment identifies possible shortcomings in your competence and the best ways to acquire expertise.

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