Dreaming of a new job?

Let Job Market Finland help you.

Are you dreaming of a new step in your career? Do you want to discover a hidden job? Are you looking to find your next job opportunity in Finland? When you create and publish a job applicant profile at Job Market Finland, you give employers looking for employees the opportunity to contact you.

  • Job applicant profile
  • Five reasons to create and publish a job applicant profile today

  • Employers can contact you directly

    When you publish your job applicant profile, employers at Job Market Finland who are looking for employees for their open jobs can contact you. In this way, you may also find employment in a position that is not in the public search.

  • You can apply for jobs anonymously

    Your job applicant profile is anonymous, unless you add links to your social media accounts, for example.

  • You will receive job recommendations that are just right for you

    The more information you fill in your job applicant profile, the more suitable suggestions you will receive from open positions.

  • You can also apply for jobs internationally in the EURES portal

    Are you dreaming about an international career? You can easily add your job applicant profile to the EURES portal and receive suggestions for suitable jobs outside of Finland as well.

  • AI helps you describe your competence

    The functions at Job Market Finland that are based on artificial intelligence help you describe your skills. Based on the information you fill in, AI suggests suitable keywords that make it easier to describe your competence.

  • Follow the instructions or watch the video on how to make a job applicant profile

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    Does it feel difficult to find jobs with traditional job searches that offer tens of thousands of jobs to browse through? With the aid of Job Market Finland's job applicant profile you can conveniently get job suggestions matching your skills, work experience, and wishes.

    1. Log in to Job Market Finland. You can log in by using your online banking ID, mobile certificate, or email login.
    1. We will ask for some basic information, such as your email address. You can also choose whether you want to receive emails about the development of Job Market Finland.
    1. Click the 'Job applicant profile' tab. There you can fill in three separate parts.  
    • In the 'Knowledge and skills' section, you can describe your skills and the work you would like as well as your language skills and professional qualifications.
    • In the 'Introduction' section, you can share any information about yourself, the date when you are free to start a new job and in which region you are primarily looking for work.
    • In the 'Work experience and education' section, you can add your work and study history. You can specify which work experience you want to emphasise when looking for new jobs.  
    1. The profile automatically saves the information you fill in. After entering just a few bits of information, you will start seeing recommended jobs on the 'Job recommendations' tab. The more you fill in your profile, the better matches your recommended jobs will be.  
    1. Employers creating job posts at Job Market Finland will receive recommendations on job seekers matching their job posts. If you want to let employers using Job Market Finland see your profile in their recommendations list and contact you, publish your profile by clicking 'Review and publish'. Keep an eye on your email; employers' contact requests will be sent there. When publishing your profile, you will also set a publication period for it, which can be up to six months. So remember to publish your profile again if necessary.

    The keywords vocabulary used in job recommendations is based in part on a Europe-wide occupation and competence ontology that unfortunately does not contain all professions or related competences known in Finland. Do not let this prevent you from creating a profile, but select job titles and competence terminology that are as suitable as possible. You can read these titles and terminology on the ESCO professional terminology website.

    On the 'Job recommendations' page, you will get recommendations based on the information you enter in your profile. The underlying technical solution and matching process is under constant development. You can read more about matching on the page 'How the matching works'.

    Creating a job applicant profile is worth the trouble! Once you have filled in a profile, it is easy to update whenever you gain new skills or experience or complete studies.

    Create job applicant profile

    See below a guidance video on creating a job applicant profile

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    As a rule, you can identify yourself at Job Market Finland through national Suomi.fi E-identification. For users who do not have the possibility of strong identification, an alternative email login is available.

    At Job Market Finland, users can browse information content and jobs without logging into the service. However, when a user wants to create a job applicant profile or publish a job posting, they must identify themselves at Job Market Finland. As a rule, identification takes place using the Suomi.fi e-identification service. If the user is a citizen of an EU country other than Finland, they can use eIDAS identification as their primary identification method, which can also be accessed through Suomi.fi online identification. 

    If the user does not have access to Suomi.fi E-identification, the user can log in to the service using email login. With email login, the user can create a job applicant profile and apply for suitable jobs, but they cannot use the services provided by the authorities or employers or report household jobs. 

    Suomi.fi identification 

    Suomi.fi E-identification is a national, strong identification service that enables clients to log in to Finnish public administration electronic services. The identification is used in all services where the user's identity must be verified. After identification, the use of electronic services is secure. 

    As a rule, identification at Job Market Finland takes place through the Suomi.fi service. You can log in to Job Market Finland with Finnish online banking codes, Mobile ID, or a certification card. In addition, foreigner's identification methods are used.  

    In other words, you can identify yourself in Job Market Finland with 

    • Finnish online banking codes, 
    • Mobile ID, 
    • certification card, 
    • means of identification of other countries authorised for cross-border identification in Europe.

    The Suomi.fi service offers a wide range of ways for identification. However, there are especially international experts who cannot identify themselves using Finnish or foreign identification methods. For them, Job Market Finland offers the alternative email login.

    Alternative email login

    Note! The previously used Sinuna authentication has been discontinued and replaced by email login. If you have created a job applicant profile using Sinuna authentication, your profile information will be preserved in the new login method if you use the same email address.

    For those Job Market Finland users who do not have the possibility of strong identification, alternative email login is available. The email login is based on a one-time access code that is sent via email. The user's privacy is guaranteed, as the email login does not collect or pass on any additional information about the user. 

    At Job Market Finland, email login is only intended for those who do not have the possibility of strong identification.

    A user identified through email login can

    • create a job applicant profile, 
    • receive job suggestions based on the profile data, and 
    • share the job applicant profile in the EURES service.

    As electronic communication with authorities in Finland requires strong identification, it is not available for email login users. It is also not possible to copy the job applicant profile to authority procedures for those who have logged in using their email address. The creation of a job posting for household employers has also been excluded from users identified through email login. If a user uses the email login to create a job applicant profile and later wants to switch to Suomi.fi E-identification, the existing information will not be transferred and must be recreated.

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