Being an employer

There are various matters and responsibilities that you need to take into account at different stages of operating as an employer.

Being an employer involves different responsibilities at different stages of the employment process. Find out about the key matters related to being an employer before you actually start looking for a new employee. In this section, we present these key areas and point you towards more detailed information and services. 

If you need help finding a new employee, visit the Recruitment section and select the information regarding finding a new employee. If you would like information on how to develop your existing work community and support equality, visit the Work community section. If you need to change your employees’ employment relationships, you can explore the different options in Changes to the employment contract section.

  • Do you want to expand your business, or do you feel that you no longer have enough time to do all your work? In that case, hiring an employee may be a suitable solution for you. When you hire an employee in your company, you become an employer. You can receive advice and support at different stages of your employership.

  • As an employer, you have a wide range of statutory obligations towards both your employees and the authorities.

  • If you stop paying regular wages or your entire business ceases to operate, remember to submit the necessary notifications.

  • The collective agreement applicable in the field and the employee's personal employment contract restrict the employer's unilateral right, i.e. the right to supervise work.

Information on pay subsidy for employers

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