Try the Abilitator

With the Abilitator, you can map your work ability and functioning and find out your key strengths and potential areas for development.

The Abilitator consists of the following sections

  • Personal details (age, gender)
  • Well-being (e.g. general functioning, perceived work ability)
  • Inclusion (social functioning and social interaction)
  • Mind (mental functioning)
  • Everyday life (coping with everyday life)
  • Skills (e.g. cognitive functioning, competence)
  • Body (physical functioning)
  • Background information (e.g. educational background)
  • Work & future (e.g. employment situation, wishes for change)

Using the Abilitator

Filling out the Abilitator takes 10-20 minutes. Your responses will not be saved on the service, and they cannot be linked back to you. To save your results, you can print them out.



Abilitator is developed in the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in a ESF (European Social Fund) funded project called "Social Inclusion and Change in Work Ability and Functioning" (Solmu).