Services to support job seeking

Finding work does not always depend solely on how active you are. There may be challenges in finding employment for many reasons – perhaps you have stayed at home with small children for a long time, your unemployment period has been prolonged, or it is more difficult to find work due to your illness or disability.

You may need personal guidance or financial support before you can enter the job market.  

Career choice, career guidance, and education advisory services 

Career choice, career guidance, and education advisory services help you to reflect on your educational and career options and to clarify your plans. 

Job search training  

The job search training process will teach you the skills that you need to look for work independently and in a goal-oriented manner.  

Career coaching 

In career coaching, you will get information, counselling, guidance, and support for clarifying your vocational guidance and career options, applying for education, and developing working life competencies. 

Support from a job coach

A job coach will help you personally when you are looking for a job that suits you. With the guidance of the coach, you can highlight your competence and strengths in the labour market. When you have found a suitable job, the job coach can help you get started at your new workplace.   

Work try-out 

To help figure out your options in choosing a profession and career path, you can use the work try-out to familiarise yourself with working life. A work try-out can also be used to support your return to working life after a long absence.

Pay subsidy 

A pay subsidy is a form of financial support that the TE Office or local government pilot can grant to an employer to cover the salary costs of an unemployed job seeker and as compensation for the time spent on work supervision. Your employer may also be granted a pay subsidy if you have a disability or illness that affects your ability to cope with your work tasks. 

Discuss with a TE Office or local government pilot specialist whether your employer could receive a pay subsidy for hiring you. If the subsidy can be granted, you should mention it to the employer when you are applying for a job. 

When agreeing on work covered by a pay subsidy with your employer, explain whether you are a TE Office or a local government pilot customer. The employer needs this information for submitting an application for a pay subsidy. 

If you find employment supported by a pay subsidy in your municipality of residence, i.e. the municipality is the applicant for the pay subsidy or the pay subsidy is funded by the European Social Fund, the pay subsidy is granted by the TE Office. 

One-Stop Guidance Centers 

If you are aged under 30, a visit to a One-Stop Guidance Center can help you get started. The One-Stop Guidance Center provides information and guidance according to your needs, for example on matters related to studying, finding employment, and the smoothness of everyday life. 

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The Abilitator is a free self-assessment method of work ability and functioning for all people of working age. Use the Abilitator to find out about your situation, strengths, and development needs. 

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