Instructions and frequently asked questions

You can find help with our service at the Job Market Help Centre! You can look at the help pages for various functions, view the latest information about new features, and browse answers to frequently asked questions.

Read detailed instructions about how to create a profile or publish a vacancy. Using Job Market as an employer may require authorisation. You can also find information about the national guidance services.

Current frequently asked questions

Currently are ads not transferred between the service for open vacancies (  and Job Market in situations, where the employer does not have a business ID.

We are trying to solve the problem as soon as possible.

You have to be at least 13 years old to use Job Market Finland. 

Julkaistut työnhakuprofiilit ovat anonyymejä, eli niissä ei näy nimeä tai yhteystietoja, ellei profiilin luoja itse niitä lisää joko avoimiin kenttiin tai linkittämmällä esimerkiksi LinkedIn-sivunsa.

Työmarkkinatorille kirjautunut työnantaja voi luoda työpaikkailmoituksen tai selata hakuehdoilla työnhakuprofiilin julkaisseita käyttäjiä, mutta tässäkin näkymässä profiilit ovat Työmarkkinatorin puolesta anonyymejä, ellei käyttäjä ole lisännyt nimeään tai yhteystietojaan vapaaehtoisesti.

Työnantaja voi ottaa yhteyttä työnhakijaan Työmarkkinatorin "Ota yhteyttä" -toiminnon avulla: tällöin työnhakijalle lähtee järjestelmästä sähköpostiviesti, mutta työnantaja ei tässäkään kohtaa näe sähköpostiosoitetta  Työnhakuprofiilin laatija saa yhteydenoton sähköpostiinsa osoitteesta

Työmarkkinatorilla nämä työnantajan toiminnot ovat mahdollisia käyttäjille, joilla on rooliin perustuva nimenkirjoitusoikeus tai valtuus edustaa työnantajaa.

Frequently asked questions What is Job Market Finland?

The Job Market Finland is intended for job seekers, employers and entrepreneurs – essentially, the entire working age population. Most likely for you as well.   

At the moment, the users can search for jobs or employees and obtain information about working life and various professions.  

The service is open to everyone and it can be used without logging in. To sign in and access additional services, you must be able to provide strong identification. Strong identification requires online banking access codes or a mobile certificate. If you are a European private citizen or the representative of a company, you can become a customer in accordance with the EiDAS principles for identification. You will be identified when registering for the service and when using it. 

Using the Job Market Finland is completely free of charge.

You have to be at least 13 years old to use Job Market Finland. 

Frequently asked questions: Technical requirements of the service

Job Market Finland can be accessed using a computer or a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Our service has been developed to run smoothly on any device.

There may, however, be individual exceptions, and on some of the oldest devices Job Market Finland may not necessarily work as well as it could.

The site can be accessed using the most common browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari. To ensure the best functionality of the service, check that you have updated your browser to its newest version. The layout of the service may differ, and certain functions may not work if you are using a less common browser or an older version of a common browser.  

Errors have been detected when using Safari 11 and Internet Explorer, so we recommend other browsers.

If the site is malfunctioning, you may want to try clearing your browser's cache.

We try to make updates to Job Market Finland in a way that they do not cause interruptions to the use of the service. However, short outages during updates are possible, and we will inform you about these in advance on the front page. Some of the updates may also require longer service interruptions or affect functions that require logging in. During an outage, you cannot use the service. This means that you cannot decide when you want the service to update.

For the latest updates, see the bottom of this Help Centre page. If the service does not work normally after an update, try clearing your browser's cache.

Frequently asked questions: Technical requirements of the service

By contacting you, the employer expresses their interest in the competence you have described in your profile. Please contact the employer directly. It is not possible to reply to the employer via Job Market Finland. The contact request sent by the employer has no binding effect.

You will be contacted via e-mail, and the message will come from the following address: You cannot reply to the e-mail message. If you have provided other contact information in your profile, the employer may also contact you in other ways. The e-mail message contains the employer’s contact information.

You can contact job seekers with interesting profiles via the 'contact job seeker' button in the Job Market Finland profile. The message will be e-mailed to them. The sender is

If the job seeker has provided other contact information in their profile, you can also contact them directly. In principle, the profiles are anonymous.

At Job Market Finland, basic information on companies comes from the data repository of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, which collects data from the Business Information System (YTJ) and various actors, such as Business Finland, Tukes and ELY Centers.

If the information appears incorrectly in the 'Basic company information' section, you can change it by making a change to the Business Information System (YTJ) as the company's representative.

From YTJ, the change will be reflected in our customer data repository and eventually also directly in your data. The changes made will not be updated directly to Job Market Finland but will be delayed by a few days.

If the recruitment contact information is not up-to-date, you can change it directly as a company representative in the 'Company details' section.