Instructions and frequently asked questions

You can find help with our service at the Job Market Help Centre! You can look at the help pages for various functions, view the latest information about new features, and browse answers to frequently asked questions.

Read detailed instructions about how to create a profile or publish a vacancy. Using Job Market as an employer may require authorisation. You can also find information about the national guidance services.

Frequently asked questions


The Job Market Finland is intended for job seekers, employers and entrepreneurs – essentially, the entire working age population. Most likely for you as well.   

At the moment, the users can search for jobs or employees and obtain information about working life and various professions.  

The service is open to everyone and it can be used without logging in. To sign in and access additional services, you must be able to provide strong identification. Strong identification requires online banking access codes or a mobile certificate. If you are a European private citizen or the representative of a company, you can become a customer in accordance with the EiDAS principles for identification. You will be identified when registering for the service and when using it. 

Using the Job Market Finland is completely free of charge.

You have to be at least 13 years old to use Job Market Finland. 

The feedback form is meant for giving feedback on things like technical problems in Job Market Finland or shortcomings in the content. Managing your affairs through the feedback form is not possible. If necessary, you can submit files to the TE Office with the Turvaviesti secure messaging service.

Secure messaging service (

Technical requirements of the service

Job Market Finland can be accessed using a computer or a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Our service has been developed to run smoothly on any device.

There may, however, be individual exceptions, and on some of the oldest devices Job Market Finland may not necessarily work as well as it could.

The site can be accessed using the most common browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari. To ensure the best functionality of the service, check that you have updated your browser to its newest version. The layout of the service may differ, and certain functions may not work if you are using a less common browser or an older version of a common browser.  

Errors have been detected when using Safari 11 and Internet Explorer, so we recommend other browsers.

If the site is malfunctioning, you may want to try clearing your browser's cache.

We try to make updates to Job Market Finland in a way that they do not cause interruptions to the use of the service. However, short outages during updates are possible, and we will inform you about these in advance on the front page. Some of the updates may also require longer service interruptions or affect functions that require logging in. During an outage, you cannot use the service. This means that you cannot decide when you want the service to update.

For the latest updates, see the bottom of this Help Centre page. If the service does not work normally after an update, try clearing your browser's cache.

Job applicant profile

Published job applicant profiles are anonymous, i.e. they do not display the name or contact information of the person who created the profile, unless they themselves add the information to the open fields or a link to their LinkedIn profile, for example.

An employer who has logged into Job Market Finland can create a job advertisement or browse published job applicant profiles with different search criteria. The employer can contact the jobseeker using the Contact Us function in Job Market Finland. This will send the jobseeker an email, but the employer will not see the jobseeker's email address at any point. The person who created the job applicant profile will receive an email from

The keywords vocabulary used in job applicant profiles is based on a Europe-wide occupation and competence classification that unfortunately does not contain all of Finland’s well-known professions or related competences. In this case, select job titles and skills for your profile that best match you. You can learn more about these titles and terminology on the ESCO professional terminology website as well.

The job recommendations are based on the keywords in your job applicant profile and the occupations and competences of job postings. Other considerations include the job preferences, education information and language skills in your job applicant profile. This data is used to compile the final results displayed to the user. 

The appropriateness of job recommendations is also affected by the information content of job postings, which may have shortcomings. Job vacancies are imported to Job Market Finland from various information systems.

If you have Finnish online banking IDs, a mobile certificate, or a smart ID card, you can log in to Job Market Finland using e-identification. 

You can also log in to Job Market Finland with European eIDAS identification. On the e-identification page, select 'Identification methods for foreigners'. You can then choose your citizenship and continue with eIDAS identification.

If you cannot use or eIDAS identification, you can log in and create a job applicant profile with the Sinuna authentication service.

When you export your job applicant profile to the EURES portal, at least one degree must be visible to the employer in your education information. If your profile only includes training programmes that do not match anything in the code set, your profile cannot be published.

As a job seeker, you can log in to Job Market Finland and hide your job applicant profile from employers at any time. You can open your job application profile and select Set as unpublished. This selection will hide your job application profile immediately.

Job postings

The details of a job posting have to be edited in the system where the posting was originally submitted. If you have opened your job posting in an employer’s own recruitment system, you have to use that system to edit it. If you have submitted the posting on Job Market Finland, edit it on Job Market Finland. 

There may be a delay of about 15 minutes when information is being updated between different systems. If a posting is edited in another system than the one used originally, the connection between the postings breaks and the changes will not be updated from one system to another.

When you publish a job posting, you have to select the end date of the application period from the calendar. You can even specify the time of day. If you do not enter a time of day, the default end time is 00.00. In this case, the job posting expires at midnight.

If you have added information related to the duration of the work in the additional information field of the TE Services job posting, Job Market Finland interprets the job as a temporary contract. If you select the length of the contract to be over 12 months in the job posting and enter something like “permanent” in the additional information field, the posting will be changed to temporary because of the additional information. If you want to set the job as a permanent contract, set the job duration to be over 12 months and leave the additional information field blank.

Links in Job Market Finland’s job postings will only work if they lead to the TE Services website. This ensures that job postings do not link to harmful pages.

You can delete a job posting by logging into the system where the posting was originally submitted and by deleting the posting from the application search. If you delete the posting in another system but it stays in Job Market Finland, you have to log in to Job Market Finland and delete the posting there. The posting will be hidden when you click Archive.

Other questions

By contacting you, the employer expresses their interest in the competence you have described in your profile. Please contact the employer directly. It is not possible to reply to the employer via Job Market Finland. The contact request sent by the employer has no binding effect.

You will be contacted via e-mail, and the message will come from the following address: You cannot reply to the e-mail message. If you have provided other contact information in your profile, the employer may also contact you in other ways. The e-mail message contains the employer’s contact information.

You can contact job seekers with interesting profiles via the 'contact job seeker' button in the Job Market Finland profile. The message will be e-mailed to them. The sender is

If the job seeker has provided other contact information in their profile, you can also contact them directly. In principle, the profiles are anonymous.

The basic information on companies comes to Job Market Finland from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s data repository, which collects information from the Business Information System and various actors, such as Business Finland, Tukes, ELY Centres and the Tax Administration.

If there is incorrect information displayed under Basic business information, you can adjust it by making a change as a company representative in the Business Information System. The change will be imported from the Business Information System to our customer data repository and ultimately the information for your company. The changes made will not be updated directly to Job Market Finland and there will be a few days’ delay before the update. 

If you want to make changes to recruitment contact information, you can log in to Job Market Finland as a company representative and change the contact information under Company details. You may need separate e-Authorization to change the company’s contact information.