Studying while unemployed

When unemployed, you have plenty of different possibilities to develop your competence or try something completely new. If you are registered as an unemployed job seeker, it is important to always contact your expert at the local TE Office or local government pilot before starting your studies.

You may be entitled to receive an unemployment benefit during your studies under certain conditions. Before you start your studies, your expert at the local TE Office or local government pilot will assess whether you meet the conditions for the unemployment benefit, so contact them as early as possible. If you are an unemployed job seeker, it is important to remember to notify your expert of all studies before starting them. Notifications are required for all studies, even if you do not receive student financial aid.

Labour market training

Vocational labour market training allows you to complete a vocational qualification, a further or a specialist vocational qualification, or a vocational qualification module. Further or continuing education is also provided in many sectors. Vocational labour market training is free of charge, and it is provided at vocational adult education centres, higher education institutions, and private educational institutions.

If you plan to start your own business or are considering it, you can take part in entrepreneur training organised in the form of labour market training. Starting a business can be flexibly combined with entrepreneur training.

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Independent study 

If you wish to develop your competence during unemployment and you are over the age of 25, find out more about options for independent study. The term ‘independent study’ refers to education provided by an educational institution, which is also responsible for the student selection. The studies are not provided by TE services. The studies must be agreed upon with your expert.

Short-term study supported by unemployment benefit

If you are over the age of 25, you have previously interrupted studies just short of a degree, or you wish to take a short complementary course, it may be possible for you to study short-term on the unemployment benefit. The studies can last up to six months.

Immigrant’s independent study

Independent study is an option for the TE Services integration training. Independent study is useful if the TE Office or local government pilot cannot offer you a place in integration training or you can find some other training that is better suited to your needs. Sometimes independent study can help you find work and integrate faster.

Studying part-time

Studies which do not prevent you from working full-time and applying for full-time employment are considered part-time studies. They can consist of learning a new skill, completing basic studies at an open educational institution, or completing previously interrupted studies leading up to a degree.

Use a pay subsidy to find employment you are not yet fully qualified for

If you find it challenging to find employment because you are missing some of the required areas of competence, you may be able to find a job with a pay subsidy. This allows you to develop your professional competence while working.

Ask your expert at the local TE Office or local government pilot if you are entitled to a pay subsidy. If yes, you can contact employers you are interested in and tell them they may be granted a pay subsidy if they hire you.

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