Franchise entrepreneur

Franchising is a form of entrepreneurship that involves setting up a business as an independent entrepreneur but with a ready-made model provided to you as a member of a company chain.

Franchising may be a suitable option for you if you would like to become an entrepreneur, but do not have a ready-made business idea of your own. When you enter into a franchise agreement, you get a right to use the trademark and business model of the company chain. You pay a contractual fee in return for these rights, which may be a flat annual payment or a certain percentage of either sales or the profits you earn. 

Franchising has been an increasingly popular form of entrepreneurship in recent decades. The most typical franchising chains are restaurants, cafés and kiosks, but the model has also been spreading to new sectors in Finland.

If you find that becoming a franchise entrepreneur could be right for you, read more about the model on the websites of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and Finnish Franchising Association.

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