Finding an employee at Job Market Finland

Log in to Job Market Finland and find a suitable employee for your work community!

Nowadays job seekers and employers looking for employees often meet online. Have you already tried finding an employee through Job Market Finland?

Log in to Job Market Finland and create a job posting. You can define what kind of skills you need or set requirements for, for example, the applicants' level of education or language skills. Through Job Market Finland, you are able to contact interesting job seekers. If no suitable job seekers can be found, you can edit your job posting.

If you want to employ as a household, you can create a job posting at Job Market Finland as a household employer and find an employee that way. As a household, you can employ, for example, a personal assistant, a cleaner, or a renovator.

Do you need help using Job Market Finland as an employer or are you interested in what the underlying efficiency of matching is like?

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