Cross-sectoral joint service promoting employment (TYP)

TYP is a model in which TE Offices, local governments, and Kela cooperate to provide you with help in your current situation.

You may be able to benefit from the cross-sectoral joint service promoting employment, known as TYP, if you have been unemployed for an extended period of time. TYP may be just the right service for you if the difficulties you are facing in finding employment are not just the result of a lack of jobs or skills and you have difficulty coping or limited ability to function. The service may also be able to help if your work ability is reduced for another reason. 

TYP is a model in which TE Offices, local governments and Kela cooperate to find a solution to your situation. The service allows you to access services provided by different authorities in one place. TYP may be able to give you access to the social, health, employment, and rehabilitation services you need. While you are using the service, you will have the opportunity to consider training, education, and work opportunities with the help of a professional. The service providers will work with you to create a multidisciplinary employment plan. 

Your TE Office, local government, and Kela can guide you through becoming a TYP customer. You can ask your TE Office or local government about accessing the service. 

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