Entrepreneurship is one of the oldest ways of employing yourself. There is a lot of information and support available for those interested in entrepreneurship.

In the ‘Entrepreneurship’ section of Job Market Finland, you can find information about starting out as an entrepreneur and how you can employ yourself as an entrepreneur either full-time or as a secondary activity. If you are interested in unemployment security as an entrepreneur, check out our ‘Unemployment security’ pages. 

If you are an entrepreneur and are about to become an employer, visit our other website sections aimed at employers. 

Information and services related to company forms or company development, meanwhile, can be found  Suomi.fi online service.

Experiment on recruitment subsidy for sole entrepreneurs

The purpose of the recruitment subsidy experiment is to find out whether the financial support paid for wage costs affects the hiring of the entrepreneur's first employee. The aim of the experiment is to lower the recruitment threshold for sole entrepreneurs, create new employer companies, and promote the growth and employment of enterprises.

Employ With Skill service

Employ With Skill (Työllistä taidolla) is a free service that provides advice for entrepreneurs on hiring and being an employer. The goal is for the entrepreneur to move forward in acquiring an employee and for any employment or contract relationship to have a good start.

The service is customised according to the type of labour acquisition that best suits the enterprise's situation. 

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