Different ways of employing people

The ways to work are going through a change. Nowadays, you have different options and opportunities to get different tasks done in your organization.

You can hire an employee in your organization, but, instead of traditional recruitment, you can also buy or commission a service from another entrepreneur or professional. You can also use temporary hired-labour through an agency.

Different ways of employing skilled people give you flexibility to face changes in the labour market. The essential thing is that you understand what your needs are, what professional skills you need from the employee, and how often the task recurs. This way, you will be able to find the best possible employee for the vacancy, even in the long term.

All work carried out is paid either as pay or as compensation for work. When you commission work, you are usually subject to the contractor’s obligations and liability. This means that you have an obligation to determine whether the contractual partner has fulfilled their legal obligations. The client liability applies to temporary work and subcontracting contracts, but does not bind all private traders or households.

It may also be possible to commission business activities as voluntary work, but, in this case, taxation and other legislation related to voluntary work must be taken into account.

As a household, you can employ, for example, a personal assistant, a cleaner, or a renovator.

If you are interested in different ways of working from the job seeker's perspective, read more about self-employment.

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