Orientation of a new employee

Have you hired a new employee in your organisation? As an employer, it is important that you invest in orientation so that your employee gets a good start in their work. Also consider what should be taken into account to make the new employee feel welcome on their first workday.

Give a good first impression and provide as much information and help as possible at the beginning of the employment relationship, as your new employee will certainly be nervous. This makes it easier for the employee to start working and become part of the work community.

Explain the basics of your organisation, present the workspaces and, if working requires special work clothing, make sure that suitable work clothes are ready for the employee on their first workday.

It is worth investing in orientation so that your employee knows what their tasks are and what they are expected to do. Plan the orientation carefully and ensure that the workplace has both an orientation plan and material.

You will certainly give an excellent impression of yourself as a work supervisor if you remember the following points:

  • Be there when your employee arrives to work for the first time.
  • Make sure that the orientation resembles the work tasks: an appropriate mix of self-study materials and practical exercises is often a good combination
  • It may be useful to select someone from the work community to help the newcomer get started in a new environment. 
  • Talk freely and get to know each other during lunch or afternoon coffee break.
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