Conflicts at the workplace

Conflicts may arise in the work community. As an employer, you must identify the challenges in the work community and try to solve problems.

Your employees will certainly have different views on how to do their work. If different opinions cannot be discussed in the work community, disagreements may arise. Listen to and consider your employees' thoughts to help you improve your organization's performance. Try to make your work community a place where everyone can have a natural and constructive discussion.

Conflicts may also be based on discrimination or other inappropriateness. Create an atmosphere in the work community so that your employees can easily report bullying at the workplace, for example. As an employer, you must intervene in discrimination or bullying.

  • Encourage your employees to be open and tell you if they encounter discrimination, bullying, or violence at the workplace.
  • When resolving conflicts, listen to all parties.
  • Try to find a solution that is acceptable to everyone together with your work community.
  • Find out where the conflict arose. Consider what changes you can make to prevent the problem from recurring.
  • Together with your work community, establish an operating model for conflict situations, if one does not already exist.

The Centre for Occupational Safety offers comprehensive guidelines for dealing with conflicts in a work community. You should familiarise yourself with them so that you know how to act in difficult situations.

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