Wellbeing at work and maintaining the ability to work

Wellbeing at work means that you can work healthily, safely and productively. When you feel well, you also feel that your work is meaningful and enjoyable. As an employee, you can have an impact on your wellbeing and that of your working community.

Advancing wellbeing at work is the responsibility of all members of a working community – the employer and employees. The employer is responsible for providing a safe and well-functioning work environment. As an employee, you are responsible for maintaining your skills and your ability to work.

Wellbeing at work consists of personal wellbeing and the general atmosphere in the working community. When you feel well, work is smooth and suitably challenging. Every day is fun, you can achieve your goals, you are supported, and you know you have the required skills.

What can you do as an employee?

  • Agree straightforward goals for your work with your employer.   
  • Develop your skills by participating in training provided by your employer, for example.
  • Follow instructions and notify your employer of any deficiencies and shortcomings.
  • Treat all members of your working community equally.
  • Take care of your recovery and health.
  • Request or seek help early if you face challenges.
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Maintaining the ability to work

Taking care of your working ability is a prerequisite for ensuring wellbeing in your work community. There are different methods and practices for maintaining working ability.

The employer is obligated to provide at least preventive occupational healthcare services, including health check-ups, for all its employees who are in an employment or public-service relationship.

Occupational healthcare services work in cooperation with your employer to advance your health and your ability to work.

If an illness or injury prevents you from working, work adaptations can be carried out in your workplace. They mean changes in your job description and tasks to respond to your skills and ability to work, and support them better.

Ways of adapting work to fit the employee

To continue working, changes may be necessary in your workplace. You may also need help in certain tasks.

The employer can receive a subsidy for arranging working conditions. If changes are required in your workplace to support your ability to work, contact your employer and the occupational healthcare service provider.

Subsidy for arranging working conditions

Rehabilitation may help if an illness or injury makes your work more difficult, or you need support to maintain your ability to work or return to working life.

Support for maintaining the ability to work

An illness or injury may reduce your ability to work and function, but it does not necessarily mean that you are unable to work. Various support and services are available for maintaining your ability to work.

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