Employee competency

The expertise of personnel affects the functioning and success of an organisation. Developing the knowledge and skills of your employees will benefit the entire work community and you as an employer.

There are many ways to broaden the competence of your employees. As an employer, you can offer your employees various courses or training and coaching sessions. You can also support employees' own studies. Job rotation also offers an opportunity to develop the expertise of your staff. It means that the employee is transferred to work on other tasks within the organisation for a fixed period. In addition to learning new tasks, the employee's knowledge of the organisation's activities is expanded.

For your organization to succeed, it is essential that you encourage your employees to learn new things. Encouraging your employees to have discussions together and share their experiences improves their sense of belonging there and they can learn from each other as well. As an employer, you can create an atmosphere that encourages everyone to learn new things.

Joint purchase training

You can get help with improving your staff’s expertise from the TE Services. Joint purchase training enables you to train your current or new employees in cooperation with TE Services. TE Services provide help in organising training, and as an employer, you participate in funding the training and student admissions. New or current entrepreneurs as well as temporary agency workers working in the company can also participate in the training.

Read more about joint purchase training on the ELY Centre’s website.

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Finnish and Swedish at the workplace

Workplace Finnish Training and Workplace Swedish Training are training programmes aimed at promoting the ability of staff with a foreign background to cope with their everyday tasks in either Finnish or Swedish. The trainings will be tailored to the needs of your organisation and the trainees, and they can be implemented in the form of TäsmäKoulutus (Targeted Training), RekryKoulutus (Recruitment Training) and MuutosKoulutus (Change Training).

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