The way that work is done is changing, opening new opportunities for you to find employment. In addition to traditional salaried work and entrepreneurship, you may also employ yourself in other ways, such as using light entrepreneurship services, working as a freelancer, working on a grant, working in a worker cooperative, or working as a family caregiver, professional athlete, or volunteer. These different ways of working offer you alternatives when preparing for changes in working life.

You can employ yourself in many different ways. You can earn your income from multiple sources, either simultaneously or in alternation. For example, you may work part-time through light entrepreneurship whilst also in paid employment or doing your studies, or your work may consist of a number of short-term job assignments. Have you ever considered that you could also earn money from your hobby? 

This may bring up questions about unemployment security. There is no unequivocal model for all self-employed people, as the amount and duration of the work you do has an impact on unemployment security. It is worth taking a look at our ‘Unemployment security’ section and asking Information and guidance about unemployment security