Competence development

Do you wish to develop your competence? There are many different ways to expand your expertise.

Identify your competence

Are you aware of all your areas of competence? It is important to acknowledge what you already know and what you could still learn if you are seeking to find a new job or to develop your competence. You can attend higher education institutions to complement your existing competence and degrees, or study at any institution of your choosing alongside work.

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Complementing studies and degrees through higher education

Higher education institutions allow you to complement your previous degrees or take studies in an entirely new field. These non-degree studies can also be taken alongside work to expand professional competence.

Studying while working

If you are working, you can take multiform studies or ask your employer about the possibility of taking job alternation or study leave.

Multiform studies are designed to be taken alongside work, so contact teaching is reduced and mostly takes place in the evenings and on weekends. Multiform studies combine different forms of study, which may include contact teaching, online learning, working in study groups and independent study, for example. 

Job alternation leave is an arrangement where you and your employee agree upon a longer period of leave. You can use this leave to study, for example.

Policies on study leave vary from workplace to workplace, so discuss them with your own employer.

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