As a professional athlete, you can secure your livelihood with a player agreement with a sports club, a grant, or a sponsorship agreement.

Athletes can earn a living in many different ways. If you are a member of a sports club, you can make a player agreement with your sports club. The agreement is used to agree on the terms and conditions under which you commit to making your contribution to the club and the compensation the sports club pays you for this. As the work of an athlete is different from regular work, a player agreement has many unique features.

The Ministry of Education and Culture also grants athletes coaching and training grants and discretionary government transfers for physical activity. You must apply for the grants and transfers separately, and they are granted based on discretion. In addition, Finland has several private foundations and funds that may award you a grant. 

As an athlete, you can also receive income from competition prizes, participation fees, and fees based on advertising and sponsorship agreements. A sponsorship agreement is a cooperation agreement between an athlete and a company. Under the agreement, a company pays compensation for an athlete for things such as using the company’s products, performing in the company’s events, and other kinds of marketing for the company and increasing the company’s visibility. If you have a lot of followers on social media, you can earn income from various forms of advertising.

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