Becoming an employer

Do you want to expand your business, or do you feel that you no longer have enough time to do all your work? In that case, hiring an employee may be a suitable solution for you. When you hire an employee in your company, you become an employer. You can receive advice and support at different stages of your employership.

Need and costs of an employee

Before you become an employer, consider how much work you want to give the employee. Do you need an employee for regular tasks, for a project, or to offset the workload during specific periods?

You should also calculate the estimated cost of your own employee in advance. In addition to pay, the employer must also pay insurance premiums and arrange occupational health care.

Employer register

If you employ more than one employee, it is likely that you will have to join the Tax Administration's employer register. This is affected by the number of employees and the length of their employment relationships. You can check on the Tax Administration's website whether you should join the employer register.

More information

Help from advisory services

Plenty of information and help is available for the early stages of employership. If you are looking for a suitable worker, please review our content on finding a suitable worker. Do not hesitate to contact advisory services: public actors, such as TE services' customer service, provide advice free of charge.

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