Unemployment security for employees

When you work in an employment or public-service relationship, you are an employee. If your employment relationship ends and you become unemployed, you may be eligible for unemployment security.

In order to receive unemployment security, you must:

  • Register as a job seeker,
  • Keeps your job search valid and
  • Apply for a full-time job. 

Unemployment security is provided for consideration. This means that when you receive unemployment security, you must be ready to

  • seek employment opportunities and implement your employment plan,
  • receive work or training offered to you by an expert in the TE Office or local government pilot, and
  • participate in public services promoting employment.
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The effect of the duration of an employment relationship on unemployment security 

The duration of your work and the reason your employment ended have an impact on receiving unemployment benefits. To receive unemployment benefits, your job search must also be valid. If you end your job search after you have received a job, you are not entitled to unemployment security.  

Termination of employment 

Your employment may end for a variety of reasons. The reason has an impact on receiving unemployment benefits regardless of the duration of your employment relationship. 

If your employment relationship was fixed-term and you worked until the agreed end of the employment relationship, you are entitled to unemployment security. Other prerequisites for receiving unemployment benefits must also be met. If you ended your employment relationship at your own request, an expert at the TE Office or the local government pilot will find out how the termination of your employment relationship will affect your eligibility for unemployment security.

Starting and ending a work relationship

Always report changes in your employment situation. The easiest way to do this is in the E-services. 

Also report if you intend to apply for unemployment security after the change. If necessary, an expert at the TE Office or the local government pilot will make a new labour policy statement on your eligibility for unemployment security. 

Remember that you are only eligible for unemployment security for the time that you are a job seeker and looking for full-time employment. 

A job seeker receiving a partial disability pension is not required to apply for full-time employment. 

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Register as a job seeker

You can easily register as an unemployed job seeker in the E-services of TE services.


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