Transition security from the employee’s perspective

If your employment is being terminated for production or financial reasons, transition security will help support you.

Transition security is a service that helps you if your employer is forced to dismiss employees for production-related and economic reasons. The service provides you support for searching for a job and finding new employment as quickly as possible. In dismissal situations, the TE Office's transition security experts work with your employer and employee representatives.  The experts organise, among other things, information events about being a customer in the TE Services and about the services offered to promote your employment, even before your actual dismissal, when you are still in an employment relationship.

You are already entitled to an employment plan during your period of notice. In the employment plan, you will agree with your assigned expert on the actions and services that will best help you find new employment. When you are dismissed, you are entitled to paid leave while you are preparing an employment plan or participating in job search training, vocational labour market training, or re-employment training agreed on in the plan. 

The TE Office also offers you transition security services in regions that are part of the local government pilot on employment. In addition, the TE Office is responsible for preparing an employment plan for job seekers who are part of the municipal experiment when the job seeker who is covered by the transition security has not yet transferred to the local government pilot on employment.

TE Offices employ designated transition security experts who help both employers and employees in matters related to transition security. Telephone services are also available. 

Know your rights and responsibilities when your employment relationship changes! 

Extended transition security for job seekers aged 55 or over

Extended transition security is intended for you if you are at least 55 years old. The purpose of the service is to promote your speedy employment and improve your position on the labor market.

You are entitled to transition security for job seekers aged 55 or over, if

  • you have turned 55 at the latest on the day of dismissal from work,
  • your employment contract has been terminated for production-economic reasons on or after 1 January 2023,
  • you have been employed by the employer who has dismissed you for at least five years with no more than 30 day interruptions, and
  • you have registered as a job seeker at the TE Office within 60 days of dismissal.

Transition security for job seekers aged 55 or over includes

  • transition security allowance,
  • transition security training,
  • employment leave, which is 5, 15 or 25 days long.

The amount of the transition security allowance corresponds to your average monthly salary. Its amount is calculated based on the salary your employer has paid you during the 12 calendar months preceding the date of termination. Lay-offs and other unpaid absences or partially paid periods prior to termination may reduce the amount of restructuring protection allowance. Remember to apply for transition security allowance from your own unemployment fund or from Kela no later than three months after the end of your employment.

Transition security training is a service intended for a person aged 55 or over who has been terminated from their employment. It must be organised and granted by the TE office after receiving information from the employer about the person's termination.

You may have the right to an employment leave if you are facing dismissal due to either production-related or financial reasons, or in connection with a reorganization process and your employer fulfills the job offer and training obligations. You can also negotiate an employment leave with your employer if your dismissal is a result of bankruptcy. During your notice period, you can take an employment leave, during which you have the right to create an employment plan in cooperation with TE Services. During the employment leave, you are also entitled to participate in labour market policy adult education, training programmes, internships, and on-the-job learning, if these actions are agreed upon in the employment leave contract.

Extended transition security for people aged 55 or over — what does it mean for the employee?

55 vuotta täyttäneiden laajennettu muutosturva — mitä se tarkoittaa työntekijän kannalta?
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