Studying as an immigrant

If you have recently immigrated to Finland, it is a good idea to find out what kind of training could improve your chances of integration and employment.

Integration training

Integration training is an important part of your integration process. During the training, you will learn either Finnish or Swedish and get to know Finnish working life and culture. If necessary, you can also get training in reading and writing. Integration training helps to prepare you for working life and further education in Finland.

In other words, integration training aims to provide you with sufficient

  • linguistic,
  • social,
  • cultural, and
  • life management skills.

After completing the training, you will be able to independently carry out tasks such as shopping and dealing with authorities. You can then move on to working life, preparatory education for vocational training, or vocational education.

You can find available integration training courses in the labour market training listing maintained by TE Services. If you are wondering whether you can participate in integration training, contact your local expert at the TE Office or local government pilot.

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Independent studies in Finnish or Swedish

If you wish to take a Finnish or Swedish language course that is not provided by TE Services, this must be agreed upon with your expert prior to the start of the course.

While independently attending a language course of your own choosing, you can only apply for financial aid if

  • the course involves at least 20 hours of study per week,
  • it has been agreed in your integration plan that you may start the studies, and
  • the TE Office or the local government pilot has given you permission to start the course in question.

Learning Finnish or Swedish on your own

You can also study the languages on your own. Suitable study materials are available at public libraries or the InfoFinland website, for example.

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Developing competence

Services available through the local TE Services can help you develop your competence, learn a new profession, and get to know Finnish working life.

A work try-out is an arrangement carried out in the workplace. This allows you to find out if the job in question is right for you. You can start a work try-out after it has been agreed with your employer and TE Services.

Vocational labour market training allows you to complete a vocational qualification for a certain job or to complement your existing education. The training is provided in Finnish.

A pay subsidy allows you to be employed in a workplace. TE Services pays the subsidy to your employer to cover some of the costs of hiring you.

Help and guidance is also available for starting your own business. Start-up grants are available for new entrepreneurs who meet certain criteria. If you intend to start a business, discuss it with your expert.

Other studies

If you come across another form of training or education you would like to participate in, contact your expert prior to the start of the studies to ask if you are entitled to study on the unemployment benefit.


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