Hiring an employee from abroad 

If you are seeking international expertise for your company and a suitable individual cannot be found in Finland, it is worth looking for an employee or intern from abroad. It is important to remember, however, that you may need a separate permit for employing someone from another country.  

If the employer has not found a suitable employee in Finland, they can search for labour abroad. The employer can also utilise a labour market area larger than Finland in larger-scale recruitments. However, keep in mind that hiring a foreign employee may require a permit.

The same terms of employment and occupational safety requirements apply to foreign and Finnish workers.

EURES assists with recruitments from Europe

EURES (European Employment Services) is a comprehensive European cooperation network and a high-quality public service that brings employees and employers together in all of Europe.

EURES experts trained and specialised in European employment services help with recruitment processes in all EU and EEA countries. The unique network employs about 1,000 experts. EURES helps 50,000 jobseekers find work in a different country every year.

EURES experts

  • know the European labour market and act as a middleman in recruitment,
  • help find a suitable target country and start the recruitment process,
  • find a local partner for cooperation,
  • assist in participating in job fairs and promote the company's vacancies,
  • organise a recruitment event in the target country if needed,
  • respond to applicants' enquiries and receive applications,
  • make a pre-selection if necessary - the employer always makes the final decision, and
  • advise foreign employees in matters related to migration and Finnish working life.

You can find free EURES services at the nearest TE Office. In addition, the employer and enterprise services experts of TE Offices can give advice on matters related to the recruitment of foreign labour.

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EURES portal and events help with recruitment

A great tool for recruitment is the EURES portal with its European vacancies and CV database. Employers can advertise job vacancies and browse job seeker CVs in the portal.

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Recruiting with the help of Targeted Mobility Schemes

The Targeted Mobility Schemes (TMS) project helps employers in recruiting employees from another EU country, Norway or Iceland, and jobseekers in finding employment within the EU, Norway or Iceland. The project works in similar way as Your first EURES job project but does not have an upper age limit of 35.

Financial support may be granted to the employer to cover some of the costs of induction training and integration to the new country.

The amount of support granted to the employer is determined on the basis of the type of integration programme provided and the country of employment. The amount of support is about 810–2000 euros/employee.

Conditions for financial support

  1. The employee to be hired must be a citizen of the EU, Norway or Iceland aged 18 or older who is legally resident in an EU Member State, Norway or Iceland.
  2. The employer must provide at least professional induction training, language training, settlement facilitation.
  3. An employer that may be eligible for support: has a staff of no more than 250 employees, is legally established in an EU country, Norway or Iceland, concludes a labour contract of the minimum duration of 6 months with the young person, with the salary and work conditions compliant with the national labour law, offers a labour contract that may concern full-time or part-time work but no less than 50% full time equivalent.

The employee may also apply for support for the job interview trip and relocation, language course(s) and recognition of qualifications.

Your first EURES project are run by the Public Employment Services of Sweden and Germany.

Swedish project

If you are planning to hire an employee from another EU country or Norway or Iceland, you can apply financial support for integration programme from the Swedish project.

In order to apply for the support, please, contact the nearest Eures adviser.

In order to receive the support, you will need to fill in two forms which can be found in the project’s website under the title ‘Information to employers’ -> ‘How to apply’. One of the forms is the actual application form and the other a template for the integration programme, which works on tick-box basis.

The amount of the support depends on the extent of the integration programme and the destination country. If you are a Finnish employer and provide your employee basic integration programme, you can receive 1390 euros. If the programme is comprehensive, you can receive 1750 euros.

Application forms

Please see the application forms in order to find out the requirements set for a basic or comprehensive integration programme. If you are hiring more than one employee, you can apply the support for each of the candidates. Please note that the project reserves the right to change the amount of the support. 

Please send the application form to BBi Communication Finland Ltd at eures@bbi.se or Allianssi Youth Exchanges at eures@alli.fi

Further information from project website.

German project

The German projects offers financial support only for German employers.

Työpaikkasuomi ja Työpaikkaruotsi avuksi työarkeen

Työpaikkasuomi ja -ruotsi vastaa tämän päivän kansainvälistyvän työelämän tarpeisiin. Yrityskohtaisesti räätälöitävä kielikoulutus tarjoaa yrityksesi ulkomaalaistaustaisille työntekijöille mahdollisuuden menestyä työssään suomen tai ruotsin kielellä.

Työpaikkasuomi tai -ruotsi parantaa ulkomaalaistaustaisten työntekijöiden valmiuksia selviytyä suomen tai ruotsin kielellä työssään ja työpaikkansa viestintätilanteissa. Koulutuksen tavoitteena on tukea työntekijän ammatillista osaamista, työssä tarvittavan ammatillisen sanaston oppimista ja integroitumista työyhteisöön. Tavoiteltavasta kielitaidon tasosta sovitaan yksilöllisesti ja/tai ryhmäkohtaisesti.

 Koulutettavan työntekijän motivaatio ja osaaminen nousee kielitaidon karttuessa, mistä koko työyhteisö hyötyy.

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