About the service

Job Market Finland, which is a service developed by the KEHA Centre and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, is being built up in stages. It is a service for the job market, offering a shared platform for public, private, and third sector suppliers of services for training and for business and industry, as well as the jobs offered by various employment exchange platforms.


For job seekers, Job Market Finland offers improved possibilities for finding work that corresponds to their own skills and knowledge, as well as ways to improve their own capabilities. Employers get even more convenient tools for finding new, suitable employees. 

Job Market Finland utilizes the latest technologies and artificial intelligence to tailor services for its users.

Job Market Finland is being built together 

Job Market Finland is developed through extensive collaboration with customers and collaborative partners. Joint development takes place interactively at meetings, in online workspaces, and by utilizing feedback. 

Currently available services

Job Market Finland switched from the trial version to the production version on May 2, 2022. As a job seeker, you can log in and create a job applicant profile. Based on this profile, you will get suggestions for jobs that match your own skills and aspirations. You can also browse all job postings in the service without logging in.

As an employer, you can create a job posting, check the profiles of applicants who best match your specifications, and send messages to potential candidates. You can also use search terms to find potential candidates without publishing a job posting. All vacancies listed in the TE Office’s vacancies service will be automatically imported to Job Market Finland.

Providers of working life and competence development services can get acquainted with the conditions for becoming a collaborative partner.

In addition to these, all users have access to pre-assembled information and services for different working life situations. Descriptions of occupations and professions, as well as interviews with professionals in various fields, provide help with choosing a profession.

New E-services

The electronic services for employment and business administration customers will also be renewed. The reform focuses on electronic transactions and a personalized online service. In the future, both personal and employer customers will be able to conduct their transactions more easily electronically at Job Market Finland.

Reform of digital TE Services

The reform of digital TE Services (TE-Digi) aims to revamp the state's employment and economic services. The purpose of the reform is to improve encounters between employees and workplaces, to digitize employment services, and to create a service based on the partnership, close interaction, and the utilization of information of different actors.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for the strategic direction of the reform and the KEHA-Centre (the Development and Administrative Services Centre for the ELY Centres and the TE Offices) is responsible for the project’s implementation.

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