Employer's rights and obligations

The collective agreement applicable in the field and the employee's personal employment contract restrict the employer's unilateral right, i.e. the right to supervise work.

However, as an employer, you must comply with the following principles.

  • The right to supervise work only applies to working hours.
  • Provisions that violate the law or good practice are prohibited.
  • The employee's physical and professional capacity to perform the assigned task must be considered.
  • Changes that significantly affect the position of the employee must be negotiated in accordance with the cooperation procedure.
  • The employee's privacy must not be violated.

In addition, matters that restrict the right to supervise work may be agreed upon in the employment contract. For example, if working hours or tasks have not been recorded in the employment contract, you must provide a written report to the employee at the latest after the end of the first pay period.

Remember that as an employer, you cannot usually unilaterally change the terms and conditions of employment described in the employment contract, but they must be re-agreed with the employee.

The occupational safety and health website contains a detailed list of the employer's obligations laid down in legislation.

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