Inform the TE Office on changes to your employment status

When you register as a job seeker, you will be asked about matters that affect your eligibility for unemployment security. When you receive unemployment benefits, you must notify us if your situation changes.

Report changes in your employment situation in the E-services, the telephone service, or at the office of the TE Office or the local government pilot.

Report, for example, when

  • you start working, your work ends, or your working hours change,
  • you engage in business activities for more than two weeks (in addition to your own business activity, work in a family-owned enterprise can also be considered as business activities),  
  • you work and receive compensation other than as a wage earner or entrepreneur, for example as an informal carer,  
  • you start studying,
  • your nationality or your residence permit changes,   
  • you discontinue the service promoting employment (notify either the unemployment fund or Kela of individual absences in the application for daily allowance or labour market subsidy), or  
  • your contact information changes.  

Please note that the most common changes that you must notify to the TE Office or the local government pilot are listed above. If you are unsure about how the change in your situation affects your right to unemployment security, you should contact the TE Office, the local government pilot, or the unemployment security helpline. An expert will also give you more detailed instructions on how to report the start and end of employment when you take on temporary work on a regular basis, for example.

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Report changes

As a recipient of an unemployment benefit, you must notify TE officials if your situation changes. You can report changes in the E-services of TE services.

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