The work community

A thriving work community helps your organisation succeed. At Job Market Finland, we explain how you can develop your employees’ skills and help your work community to thrive.

In this section, you will find information on developing your employees’ skills and maintaining the well-being of your work community. Find out also about how you can resolve workplace conflicts.  

If your work community is subject to change negotiations or a possible need to lay off or dismiss an employee, please look at our Changes to employment section.

  • The expertise of personnel affects the functioning and success of an organisation. Developing the knowledge and skills of your employees will benefit the entire work community and you as an employer.

  • The responsibility for work wellbeing is shared between everyone in the workplace. Having healthy, capable and motivated personnel is also very beneficial for the employer.

  • As an employer, you are tasked with supporting your diverse work community and different employees.

  • Conflicts may arise in the work community. As an employer, you must identify the challenges in the work community and try to solve problems.

  • By showing your appreciation to your personnel, you can create a positive employer image.