Once you know that you will lose your job, register as a job seeker via E-services no later than your first day of unemployment. After that, you can apply for unemployment security from Kela or your unemployment fund.

In the customer service model, as a job seeker, you will be supported right from the start of your job search in meetings that are personal and held regularly.

Read tips on how to search for jobs, and study the instructions at Job Market Finland. Log in and create your own job applicant profile. This will help you get job recommendations that are right for you, and employers can also contact you

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Has your unemployment continued for a long time?

Does finding a job feel difficult or has it been a long time since your last employment? A wide range of assistance is available. You can find information about different options at Job Market Finland. Read more:

My unemployment has continued for a long time

Are you unemployed or about to become unemployed?

Check out job search tips and rules for applying for unemployment security at Job Market Finland. Sign up and create your own job applicant profile to help you get job recommendations that are right for you. Read more:

I am unemployed or about to be unemployed

Have you been laid off?

When you are laid off, your employment and salary payments are interrupted for a fixed period. Unemployment security can ensure your livelihood during a layoff period. Read more:

I have been laid off

Do you want study?

If you are a student or want to apply for education, you can find advice on how to organize your livelihood and information on different ways to study either full-time or alongside work. Read more:

I want to study

Are you applying for unemployment security?

The point of unemployment security is to compensate for the economic losses that unemployment causes you. The first thing you need to do is register as a job seeker in the E-services of TE Services. Read more:

I am applying for unemployment security

Do you need help to support your ability to work?

Sometimes you may be in a situation where your chances of getting a job or keeping your job are impaired. You can get help from, for example, job coaching or rehabilitative work activities. Read more:

I need help to support my ability to work

Register as a job seeker

You can easily register as an unemployed job seeker in the E-services of TE services.


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