Searching for work

Looking for work requires initiative and an active approach. You can and should develop your job search skills. At Job Market Finland, you can learn about job search tips and rules and create your own profile, through which you can then receive job recommendations.

A new customer service model for job seekers was introduced on 2 May 2022 in TE Offices and local government pilots. As a job seeker, you receive close support from the beginning of your job search through individual and regular meetings. 

Job Market Finland can help you find a job 

When you log in to Job Market Finland and create a job applicant profile, you can then receive job recommendations based on your experience and competence. You can log in to Job Market Finland using banking codes or a mobile certificate, for example. Job Market Finland can be used free of charge. 

Employers can browse the job applicant profiles published by users and search for suitable candidates. You can decide what information is visible to employers. Remember to keep your profile up to date and highlight skills that you have gained through hobbies and positions of trust

Work abroad

If you wish to find a job abroad and need information on job seeking, visit our 'Internationality' section.

The best time to apply for a job for the summer is now

It is recommended to start applying for summer jobs at the beginning of the year when the most jobs are available.

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