Light entrepreneur

As a light entrepreneur, you can work and receive pay through invoicing services, invoicing co-operatives, or digital employment service platforms. Your work may include tasks related to home, well-being, entertainment, construction, teaching, or information technology.

As a light entrepreneur, your work may include short-term working opportunities for which you receive compensation through an invoicing service or an invoicing co-operative. 

An invoicing service allows you to invoice your work without having a company and a business ID of your own. There are different types of invoicing and salary payment services, and they carry out statutory obligations related to entrepreneurship on your behalf. However, you should find out what obligations you have as a light entrepreneur. Also check how your income affects matters such as your taxation and opportunities to receive unemployment benefits.

As a light entrepreneur, you can also get short-term work opportunities or project work through digital employment service platforms. The platforms also pay salaries on behalf of work providers and often also attend to the other obligations of an employer. Usually, they offer individual work assignments without an employment relationship, but some platforms may also recruit you to an employment relationship.

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