Cookies used at Job Market Finland

Cookies are small text files that are stored in the browser’s cache. Cookies do not damage your computer or files. Cookies enable features such as smooth and secure log-in and use of the service, and they are used to collect user analytics for development purposes. Here, you will find more information about the cookies used at Job Market Finland. 

Some of the cookies are critical for the usability of Job Market Finland, and your approval for using them is not requested separately. Instead, you can choose to disable the cookies that collect user analytics for development purposes.  

Cookies that are essential for using the service

authorization, session_exp, ASPnet.core ja XSRF-REQUEST-TOKEN

  • type: first party cookie
  • purpose: session and security identifiers for the logged-in user
  • duration: session


  • type: first party cookie
  • purpose: stores information about the acceptance or rejection of cookies
  • duration: 6 months

Cookies that are voluntary for using the service

The cookies listed below are related to analytics and the tracking of usage data (Matomo). You can either accept or reject the cookies specified below. If you accept the cookies, your approval is saved and not requested every time you access the site. Cookies you have once accepted can be rejected later on by clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, after which you will be asked to accept them again.  

The cookies listed below are used to collect data for the development of Job Market Finland. Data related to the collection of user analytics is not handed to third parties.

_pk_id –

  • type: first party cookie
  • purpose: retains a few details about the user, such as the user’s visitor ID
  • duration: 13 months

_pk_ref –

  • type: first party cookie
  • purpose: stores the targeting information that the visitor originally used when visiting the site
  • duration: 6 moths

_pk_ses, _pk_cvar ja _pk_hsr 

  • type: first party cookie
  • purpose: short-term cookies that temporarily collect information about your visit to the website
  • duration: 30 minutes


  • type: first party cookie
  • purpose: check if the user's browser supports cookies
  • duration: deleted immediately after session

Instructions for deleting cookies in the most common browsers