Interfaces for job postings

The Job Market Finland service platform includes two application programming interfaces (API) for job postings, through which parties outside Job Market Finland can

  • create and manage their job postings at Job Market Finland (import interface) and
  • retrieve job postings to their E-services (retrieval interface).

Access rights to both APIs are linked to the API user’s business ID. The user of the import interface does not need to be the person who publishes their organisation’s job postings, as the user can equally be a recruitment or IT service company that publishes the recruiting organisation’s job postings.

How to start using the APIs

  1. Organisations that start using either API must provide the Development and Administrative Services Centre (KEHA Centre) with the information required by submitting an activation form. Through the form, organisations also commit to complying with these terms of use.
  2. The KEHA Centre verifies each organisation’s right and suitability to use the API.
  3. After the verification, the KEHA Centre will provide the organisation with user credentials.
  4. Implementation of the API is done in two steps. First, the KEHA Centre will deliver credentials to Job Market Finland's testing environment and open the necessary connections.

The second step concerns the implementation of the production environment:

Retrieval interface: When the user has tested the API and is ready to go into production, they should notify the KEHA Centre. The KEHA Centre will then deliver the credentials for production use.
Import interface: When the user has tested the API and is ready to go into production, they should notify the KEHA Centre and send the test cases provided by the KEHA Centre via the import interface. The KEHA Centre will ensure the quality of the testing and then deliver the credentials for production use.

Please send all communications regarding APIs to the address