Terms of use for Job Market Finland’s job posting APIs

Parties and roles

API owner = KEHA Centre.

API user = Each organisation that technically activates an API.

  • The user of the import interface can be an employer who advertises a job or a recruitment or IT service company that publishes job postings on the employer’s behalf.
  • The user of the retrieval interface can be any organisation that wants to display job postings shown in Job Market Finland in their E-services.

Job advertiser = An organisation that is looking for an employee and is responsible for the content of the job posting and the accuracy of information, and in whose name the job posting is shown at Job Market Finland.

Job advertisement owner = The user of the import interface.

Terms of use binding on the parties

The terms of use below (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms of Use”) apply to the use of the Job Market Finland service platform provided by the KEHA-Centre (“the Service Provider”) and the job posting import and retrieval interfaces (“the API”) it includes. Each organisation (“API User”) that starts using either API must read these Terms of Use.

Both the API User and Service Provider commit to complying with these Terms of Use.

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to guide and commit API Users to using the API in accordance with the Service Provider’s terms and conditions, Finnish legislation, and official regulations. The parties commit to operating ethically and in line with good practices and applicable law.

1. The Service Provider’s rights and responsibilities 

Once an activation notification has been received and checked, the Service Provider will send user credentials in accordance with the activation notification to the API User. At the same time, the Service Provider will also provide the API User with the technical description and instructions for the specific API, as well as instructions for the content of job postings. The content instructions must also be provided for the organisation’s job advertiser.

The Service Provider aims to keep the Job Market Finland service platform and the API available round the clock on all days of the week but does not assume any responsibility for the functioning of the system, interruptions resulting from technical faults, maintenance or installation, disruptions in data communications, or any resulting changes in or the misplacement of data or similar.

The Service Provider is not responsible for any costs incurred by the API User due to potential errors in the API.

The Service Provider has the right to temporarily suspend the use of the API if this is necessary due to a technical modification or update, for example. The Service Provider will notify the appointed contact persons of any interruptions immediately after becoming aware of them. The Service Provider has the right to produce the API in a manner it deems best and modify its content.

The Service Provider is not responsible for any inaccurate or incomplete information in job postings. If any deficiencies or activities non-compliant with instructions are identified in job postings imported through the API, the Service Provider will primarily provide the API User with a correction notification. The Service Provider also has the right to remove any job postings that are non-compliant with these Terms of Use or generate disruptions. Provisions on refusing to accept and removing job postings are laid down in the Act on Public Employment and Business Service (chapter 3, section 3) and guidelines issued under it (TEM/2262/

In addition, the Service Provider has the right to temporarily disable the use of the API during disruptions. After consulting the API User, the Service Provider will have the right to cancel the right to use the API in full or for a fixed term, if required.

2. The API User’s rights and responsibilities

The API User is responsible for fulfilling the technical requirements set for the API in its systems and ensuring that the hardware and software required are functional and compatible with Job Market Finland.

The API User is responsible for all costs it accumulates from the use of the API.

The user of the import interface is responsible for ensuring that the content of all job postings imported into Job Market Finland is appropriate. With regard to all activities and the content of imported job postings, the user must address the Service Provider’s detailed instructions and content requirements. If the API User is a recruitment or IT service company, it must ensure that the actual job advertiser is aware of these content requirements.

Job postings displayed in other services through the retrieval interface must always indicate the original source (Source: Job Market Finland’s customer information system).

The API User has the right to present job postings received through the retrieval interface in its own services and use them as part of the data content of its services. As a result, the API User can merge information obtained through the interface with information it has obtained from other sources or produced by itself. Any information obtained through the API cannot be presented in an inappropriate or damaging manner contrary to good practices. Furthermore, the API User cannot use the information in a manner based on which the service provided by the API User can be interpreted as an official service.

Job postings displayed through the retrieval interface cannot be forwarded to third parties without separate permission.

The user of the retrieval interface undertakes to ensure that job postings are up to date in its service. Job postings must be removed immediately when necessary and removed job postings cannot be stored so that they can still be retrieved.

Any data used through the API cannot be used to advertise or market any software or service based on the dataset without the KEHA Centre’s permission.

The user of either interface has the right, at any time, to stop the use of the API by issuing a notice. The email address used to issue the notice is tmt-rajapinnat.keha@ely-keskus.fi.

3.Technical requirements

Technical requirements related to the use of both interfaces are presented in separate technical instructions (links to be added). The Service Provider will provide the API User with instructions on how to use the API indicated in the activation notification when activating the API.

4. Information security, data protection and the processing of personal data

The Service Provider must arrange the Job Market Finland service platform and the API in accordance with good general information security practices and aim to prevent any unauthorised access to its data systems by appropriate technical and administrative means. The API User understands that information security in the network environment and service can never be perfect.

The processing of personal data complies with Job Market Finland’s information security and register description.

The API User acts as the controller of information that has been imported through the import interface and may contain personal data, and the Service Provider does not act as the processor of such personal data. The user of the import interface is responsible for ensuring that it has the right to import the information, i.e. publish the content of job postings at Job Market Finland. If the API User collects or processes any personal data obtained through the import interface, it will be independently responsible for the appropriate processing of the personal data and compliance with valid data protection legislation.

The API User is obligated to protect the identification information required to use the API.

5. The API User’s registered data and their use 

The API User must provide the data required by use. The user’s personal data are saved in Job Market Finland’s contact information register for stakeholder cooperation. The Service Provider processes the API User’s personal data in accordance with the register’s privacy statement and privacy protection legislation.

6. Amending the Terms of Use

The Service Provider can update these Terms of Use, and the API User must be notified of all amendments who will accept them by continuing to use the API. Any amendments to these Terms of Use enter into force in accordance with the schedule indicated by the Service Provider.

7. Change application

The Service Provider’s decisions that have an impact on the API User can be requested to be adjusted as defined in the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003).

The Service Provider may make the following decisions that have an impact on the API User:

  1. Refusing the activation of the API. The Service Provider must provide reasons for its decision for the issuer of the API activation notification.
  2. Temporarily restricting the use of the API due to activities in Job Market Finland not being in compliance with these Terms of Use.
  3. Temporarily preventing the use of the API due to activities at Job Market Finland being in significant breach of these Terms of Use.
  4. Permanently preventing the use of the API due to a significant and repeated breach of these Terms of Use. If the use of the API is prevented permanently, the API User can seek to re-register as a user by submitting a new activation notification within six (6) months after the issuance of the decision.

A decision in accordance with item 2 can be enforced immediately if this is necessary to safeguard the public reliability of Job Market Finland due to significant misuse or publishing activities not being in compliance with law, or to protect the personal data of Job Market Finland’s users. In this case, the Service Provider must immediately contact the API User to correct and investigate the situation.

A request for adjustment can be submitted to the Service Provider in electronic format or by post.

  • Electronic requests for adjustment: kirjaamo.keha(at)ely-keskus.fi
  • Requests for adjustment sent by post:
    Development and Administrative Services Centre
    PO Box 1000, FI-50101 Mikkeli, Finland

The Service Provider will process requests for adjustment urgently and provide the concerned parties with its decision. 

If the API User corrects its non-compliant activities during the processing of its request for adjustment, the right to use the API can be restored before the settlement of the case.

8. Applicable law

Activities at Job Market Finland and the use of the API comply with Finnish law and obligatory regulations issued by the authorities.