Tommi's story: Don't wait for a calling, just go and see where the road takes you

Career story

Few people have a clear idea of their future careers, when they are young. At least I didn't. Looking back, my own career path seems quite consistent, but in reality, it has been anything but. Various coincidences and events independent of my own actions have shaped it as it is now.

I have worked in a variety of tasks, ranging from a stone tiler to an executive director. All tasks have had their pros and cons. Versatile work experience has taught me that you should not just wait for pleasant coincidences to appear. Even if you do not have enormous motivation, you should still try to move in some direction. Doing different things and, above all, meeting different people increases the likelihood of pleasant coincidence. At the same time, you accumulate experience and competence that can help you move forward in your career and life.

Experimenting with various things also helps you better understand what kind of work is right for you. It is not necessarily a good idea to make very strong decisions based on mere images, but by experimenting, things can become clearer. It is also beneficial to gain experience of different organisations and work cultures.

In addition to the contents of the work, the demands of the work should also be considered. Between boreout and burnout, there is a level of work complexity that is suitable for everyone, which is determined by ambition and personality. It is a good idea to try to specify what work means to you, and what are values behind your career choices. This also becomes clearer through experience and trials.

I encourage everyone to look for their own path with an open mind. If you get a new opportunity or offer, as a rule, reply "yes!". Especially in the early years of working life, it is really useful to see working life from different perspectives. Although I have also gained diverse experience in different organisations, I would have benefited considerably from this tip back in the day. That being said, if you immediately find a job that combines all your wishes, it is not worth changing jobs simply for the pleasure of it.

Wishing you a pleasant path to your career
Tommi Yläkangas
Advocacy Specialist