Regional development prospects: Availability of labour remains a problem


The challenges related to the availability of labour continue to worsen and many parts of the country suffer from labour shortages.

Along with the health and social services sector where labour shortages have been common for a long time, availability of labour has become a problem in industry, agriculture, services and construction too.

Despite the crises, there has been a favourable trend in employment. However, this trend has recently started to slow in different parts of the country. Demand for labour remains strong, but the ongoing economic uncertainty will weaken this demand in the near future. Unemployment is expected to fall in 12 sub-regional units over the next six months and in 36 sub-regional units in a year’s time.

What is Regional Development Prospects?

Regional Development Prospects is a biannual review produced by the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) and other regional developers on the current situation and short-term prospects in the regions. The review includes assessments on business and industry, the rate and structure of unemployment, and the availability of skilled labour. The review was conducted in April this year.

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