Autumn's barometer for small and mid-sized businesses has been published


The growth expectations and positive economic outlook at the beginning of the year have changed to uncertainty due to, among other things, the war in Ukraine.


The Yrittäjät organization, Finnvera and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment produce a barometer for small and mid-sized businesses twice a year. The barometer describes the operations and economic operating environment of small and mid-sized companies.

This autumn's business barometer is based on the responses of almost five thousand small or mid-sized companies. Based on the answers, the companies estimate that they will significantly reduce their investments in the near future. Production costs are estimated to rise rapidly, which will reduce the profitability of companies if prices cannot be quickly raised in the same proportion. However, the majority of companies estimate that the number of personnel will remain unchanged.

Both a national summary and regional reports are made from the report. The report can be read on the website of the Yrittäjät organization.