TE Offices to switch to a nationwide work permit application processing system


The new system is designed to help balance out workload peaks and ensure the equal treatment of applicants. The new system will also have a nationwide customer service contact point. Nothing else will change from customers’ perspective.


TE Offices are switching to a nationwide work permit application processing system on 15 September 2022. Under the old system, work permit applications were processed by regional teams based at the TE Offices of Southeast Finland, Pirkanmaa, North Ostrobothnia and Uusimaa.

Under the new system, all work permit applications submitted in mainland Finland will be processed by a nationwide organisation, regardless of where the worker is based. Applications submitted in the Åland Islands will still be processed there, however.

The new processing system is designed to be more consistent, which will help to ensure the equal treatment of applicants. Workload peaks will be easier to balance out, as any team regardless of location can process any application. This will also help to even out differences in processing times.

The only change visible to customers will be the new nationwide contact telephone number and email address.

  • New nationwide telephone number: +358 (0)29 504 0019
  • New nationwide email address: tyoluvat@te-toimisto.fi
  • The changes will take effect on 15 September 2022.

Workers’ residence permit application process still consists of two stages

The TE Office issues a partial decision, after which the Finnish Immigration Service reviews the application and makes the final decision.

The partial decision-making process of TE Offices remains unchanged. Partial decisions are made based on a labour market test and checks on the terms of the applicant’s employment and the fulfilment of employer obligations. The labour market test always reflects the latest regional policies of ELY Centres.

Faster processing with Enter Finland

Customers can speed up the processing of their application by uploading their supporting documents and other evidence to the Enter Finland online service:

Enter Finland online service (enterfinland.fi)

Employers are also encouraged to use the Enter Finland service to submit their details:

Enter Finland for Employers (enterfinland.fi)

For more information about hiring foreign workers, visit Job Market Finland:

Guidelines for Hiring a Foreign Employee (tyomarkkinatori.fi)