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Are you dreaming of working in marketing communications? Have you ever wondered what kind of work a copywriter, art director or graphic designer does? You can now read recent interviews with professionals on these fields on Job Market Finland.

Many people are interested in the field of marketing communications. Study places in graphic design education are under fierce competition every year, as are the jobs in the field. The interviewees share their tips on how to get into the field and what kinds of skills are needed to succeed in it. In addition, a copywriter, art director and graphic designer tell about their everyday lives in the marketing sector.

Read the interviews browse job openings in advertising and marketing.

Interviews with people in different professions are published in the Job Market Finland's Professional Information section. If you’re interested in these jobs, read the interviews: They can give you a good idea of the work tasks in these professions and the best and most challenging aspects of the work. We are constantly looking for new professionals to interview about their work. Would you be willing to share experiences of your profession at Job Market Finland?

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