The new How to Use Job Market videos are out


How to Use Job Market videos that showed how to use the demo version of Job Market have been updated. One of the new videos is made for people looking for a job and the other for employers looking for employees.


You can watch the videos in Finnish on Job Market’s YouTube channel.

The video aimed at job seekers shows how to search by relevant key words without registering, how to register onto the service and how to create and publish your job seeker’s profile. You’ll also find out how Job Market suggests jobs for registered users.

Finding employees even without a job advertisement

The video aimed at employers shows how to sign up for the service, create a job advertisement and look at the employee profiles that Job Market thinks would best suit for your advertised position. In addition, it shows you how to use the talent search that allows employers to look for new talent without publishing an advertisement.

Both videos are a few minutes long.