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At Job Market Finland, you can find information content and services related to employment.


E-services of TE Services

In the E-services of TE Services, you can handle official matters, such as registering as a job seeker, notifying officials of a change in your work situation, or applying for a start-up grant. As an employer, you can apply for a pay subsidy and make a payment application.

TE-services 2024

Reforms of 2024

Major legal reforms concerning the organization of TE Services and the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration are underway. What does this mean for the everyday life of municipal citizens? Read more

Guidance services for personal customers

Guidance services for employers and entrepreneurs

Current issues

Реєстрація шукача роботи та пошук роботи в Фінляндії

Registering as a job seeker and job search for Ukrainians in Finland 

більше інформації

What does Job Market Finland offer?

  • Personal customer

    Log in and fill out a job applicant profile to get job postings that are right for you.

  • Employer

    Log in and create a job posting - you can easily get suggestions from suitable job applicants.