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Suomi.fi e-Identification

Log in with Suomi.fi e-Identification and you will gain access to all the services of the logged-in user of Job Market Finland.

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We encourage you to log in primarily with Suomi.fi e-identification. By doing so, you will have access to all the services of a logged-in user, such as a job applicant profile, suitable open jobs and dealing with authorities. Identification tokens from other EU countries can also be used for identification (eIDAS).

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Logging in to Job Market Finland

If you cannot use the Suomi.fi e-Identification, you can log in with Sinuna login service and create a job applicant profile.

Please note that with Sinuna ID, you cannot handle official dealings or access employer services.

If you later switch to Suomi.fi e-Identification, the information you previously saved through Sinuna ID will not be transferred, and you will have to create a profile again. So primarily use Suomi.fi e-Identification.

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