On our way to an equal Job Market Finland


Pride Month has been celebrated in June both in Finland and around the world. In Finnish working life, there is still room for improvement in the realization of the rights of LGBTQIA+ people. However, progress is being made all the time. We have made many choices at Job Market Finland to promote equality.


Information for promoting equality in your work community is readily available at Job Market Finland

Every work community is diverse. The experience of fair and equitable treatment affects the motivation and well-being of employees. In addition to equal treatment in the workplace, with more than 30 employees, employers have an obligation to draw up and maintain an equality plan. We have taken into account the need for information on these issues as we have written the contents of Job Market Finland. 

Anonymous job applicant profiles and gender-neutral job titles draw attention to skills 

The vocabulary used at Job Market Finland is based on the pan-European ESCO vocabulary. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, or skin colour, can apply for any profession or job, and we want to encourage job seekers to apply for different jobs based on their own interests and skills. For this reason, ESCO-based professional titles are gender-neutral at Job Market Finland. If you find that some titles or competencies are missing, you may suggest for them to be added. 

At Job Market Finland, the job seeker publishes their job applicant profile anonymously, so only previous experience and skills are visible to employers. Thus, employers look for employees and select those to be interviewed based on skills, which reduces the impact of even unconscious prejudices on decisions. 

High-quality job postings are not discriminatory

Job postings published at Job Market Finland must meet certain quality requirements. The most important thing in job postings is to highlight the skills required at work. Postings must not discriminate against job seekers on the grounds of age, ethnic or national origin, nationality, language, family, or gender. Asking for a photo is discriminatory unless it is clearly justified, such as when hiring an employee for a role as a model or actress. 

In addition to the characteristics expected of a job seeker, it is a good idea to clearly describe in the job posting what tasks the job includes, what kind of organization the job is and where the job is located. 

At Job Market Finland, users can send a notice if they feel that a job posting is against good manners or the law.