Are you graduating and looking for a job?


Job seeking requires activity and initiative. At Job Market Finland you can find help in finding a job, register as a job seeker with TE services, and find advice on applying for unemployment benefits.

Työhaastatteluun menossa

Help with job search

At Job Market Finland, you can learn about job search tips and create your own job applicant profile, which allows you to get suggestions for job postings based on your experience and skills. You can log in to Job Market Finland with, for example, an online banking ID or a mobile certificate. Use of Job Market Finland is free of charge.

Employers can browse job applicant profiles published by job seekers and search for suitable workers. You can decide for yourself what information you publish for employers to see. Be sure to maintain your profile and include in it skills gained through hobbies and positions of trust.

You can also browse vacancies without logging in.

You will also find services at Job Market Finland to support your job search and the beginning of your career. You can contact the One-Stop Guidance Center, which offers help for people under the age of 30.

Register as a job seeker

If you do not have a job immediately after completing your studies, register as a job seeker in the E-services of TE services so that you can apply for unemployment security and improve your employment opportunities.

You can register in advance before the end of your studies. State the day after your graduation as the first day of unemployment. If you register as a job seeker after graduating, your entitlement to unemployment security starts at the earliest from the date of registration.

Apply for unemployment security

You can only receive unemployment insurance when your registration in the E-services of TE services is valid. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt at the end of your registration. Read it carefully and follow the instructions. If possible, the TE Office or the local government trial will arrange an initial interview for you within five working days of the start of your job search.

Follow the instructions of Kela or your own unemployment fund when applying for unemployment benefits. Typically, a recent graduate is paid a labour market subsidy. If you have completed vocational training and have sufficient work history, you may be paid a basic unemployment allowance. An unemployment insurance fund can also pay you an earnings-related unemployment allowance if you belong to a fund and have enough work history.