Electronic services reform – service break on upcoming weekend


Service break in the national guidance services and E-services of TE Services on Fri 10th March 2023 from 4.00 PM to Mon 13th 2023 until 7.30 AM. After the update all E-services of unemployment security will operate in the new E-services of TE Services.

On the weekend of 10th to 12th March 2023 begins the reform of the current E-services of TE Services. Reformation work will be done in different stages. The first stage introduces requests for clarification and labour policy statements into the new E-services.

For the user transition from one E-service to the other, different-looking form happens by using authentication information. This transition is safe and the E-services guide the user.

Due to the service break the national guidance services will be closed on Friday 10th March at 3.45 PM, as well as the chat service of E-services of TE Services. Other chats, Enterprise Finland Telephone Service and Yrittäjän talousapu counselling service work normally until 4.15 PM.

Any possible matters that do not get managed because of the service break, can be managed afterwards. Please keep in mind that there might be some backlog in both the national guidance services and E-services of TE Services after the service break.

We apologise for any inconvenience this service break may cause.

Digitalisation of TE services is progressing

The project to digitalise employment and economic development services is working to update the central government’s employment and economic development services and make them electronic. At the same time, the E-services of TE Service will gradually be transferred to a system environment that is being built in Job Market Finland. The aim is that both the E-service of TE Services and the customer relationship management system would be mostly updated by the end of 2023.