New at Job Market Finland: Employers and entrepreneurs can now save job applicant profiles for later viewing


It is now possible for employer and entrepreneur users of Job Market Finland to save job applicant profiles and view them later. In addition, role changes and logins for all users have been made easier and clearer, and we have made accessibility improvements to Job Market Finland.

When you have logged in to Job Market Finland as an employer or entrepreneur, you can now mark job applicant profiles for yourself for later review. You can browse potential employees in the ’Search employees’ section of Your own pages, and a job applicant profile can be added and saved by clicking the ’Save job applicant profile’ button in the job applicant profile, which has a heart symbol next to it. Saved job applicant profiles can be found in the ’Saved job applicant profiles’ tab of the ’Search employees’ section. The job applicant profile appears among the saved ones as long as it is published or until you remove it from the saved profiles.

Job Market Finland makes use of functions that enable matching, with the help of which employers and entrepreneurs have even more convenient tools for finding new, suitable employees. When you have published a job poisting, you can view job applicant profiles that have been evaluated as suitable for the job. You will get the best benefits from the search for employees if you have published a job posting at Job Market Finland.

We have also made smaller changes to Job Market Finland, which make it even easier and clearer for all logged-in users to change roles and log in to Job Market Finland. In addition, general accessibility improvements have been made.

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